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Cytowane przez
Layer‐by‐layer assembled conductive metal–organic framework nanofilms for room‐temperature chemiresistive sensing
MS Yao, XJ Lv, ZH Fu, WH Li, WH Deng, GD Wu, G Xu
Angewandte Chemie 129 (52), 16737-16741, 2017
Large‐Area Preparation of Crack‐Free Crystalline Microporous Conductive Membrane to Upgrade High Energy Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
Y Zang, F Pei, J Huang, Z Fu, G Xu, X Fang
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (31), 1802052, 2018
Metal-organic framework nanosheets: Preparation and applications
Y Li, Z Fu, G Xu
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 388, 79-106, 2019
Ultrathin MOF nanosheet assembled highly oriented microporous membrane as an interlayer for lithium-sulfur batteries
M Tian, F Pei, M Yao, Z Fu, L Lin, G Wu, G Xu, H Kitagawa, X Fang
Energy Storage Materials 21, 14-21, 2019
Photoconductivity in metal–organic framework (MOF) thin films
X Liu, M Kozlowska, T Okkali, D Wagner, T Higashino, G Brenner‐Weiß, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (28), 9590-9595, 2019
Highly anisotropic and water molecule-dependent proton conductivity in a 2D homochiral copper (II) metal–organic framework
R Li, SH Wang, XX Chen, J Lu, ZH Fu, Y Li, G Xu, FK Zheng, GC Guo
Chemistry of Materials 29 (5), 2321-2331, 2017
A new azodioxy-linked porphyrin-based semiconductive covalent organic framework with I 2 doping-enhanced photoconductivity
B Nath, WH Li, JH Huang, GE Wang, Z Fu, MS Yao, G Xu
CrystEngComm 18 (23), 4259-4263, 2016
Inorganic Acid‐Impregnated Covalent Organic Gels as High‐Performance Proton‐Conductive Materials at Subzero Temperatures
H Zhong, Z Fu, JM Taylor, G Xu, R Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (32), 1701465, 2017
High proton conduction in an excellent water-stable gadolinium metal–organic framework
XS Xing, ZH Fu, NN Zhang, XQ Yu, MS Wang, GC Guo
Chemical communications 55 (9), 1241-1244, 2019
Cyclopalladated ferrocenylimines catalyzed-homocoupling reaction of arylboronic acids in aqueous solvents at room temperature under ambient atmosphere
B Mu, T Li, Z Fu, Y Wu
Catalysis Communications 10 (11), 1497-1501, 2009
Dyadic promotion of photocatalytic aerobic oxidation via the Mott–Schottky effect enabled by nitrogen-doped carbon from imidazolium-based ionic polymers
H Zhong, C Yang, L Fan, Z Fu, X Yang, X Wang, R Wang
Energy & Environmental Science 12 (1), 418-426, 2019
Porous Cadmium(II) Anionic Metal–Organic Frameworks Based on Aromatic Tricarboxylate Ligands: Encapsulation of Protonated Flexible Bis(2-methylimidazolyl) Ligands and Proton …
GX Xiaoju Li*†‡, Xiaofei Sun†‡, Xinxiong Li‡, Zhihua Fu*‡, Yanqing Su†‡
Cryst. Growth Des 9 (15), 4543–4548, 2015
Tunable emission in heteroepitaxial ln‐surmofs
DH Chen, R Haldar, BL Neumeier, ZH Fu, C Feldmann, C Wöll, E Redel
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (37), 1903086, 2019
Facile Synthesis of Metal-Loaded Porous Carbon Thin Films via Carbonization of Surface-Mounted Metal–Organic Frameworks
ZG Gu, DX Zhang, WQ Fu, ZH Fu, MI Vohra, L Zhang, C Wöll, J Zhang
Inorganic chemistry 56 (6), 3526-3531, 2017
N-hydroxymethyl acrylamide polymer brush and its application in catalyzing coupling reaction
Z Fu, N Zhang, J Liu, T Li, W Xu, F Wang, T Wang, Z Zhai, L Liu, L Mao, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 394, 409-418, 2013
Coordination assembly of 2D ordered organic metal chalcogenides with widely tunable electronic band gaps
Y Li, X Jiang, Z Fu, Q Huang, GE Wang, WH Deng, C Wang, Z Li, W Yin, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-9, 2020
The recyclable cyclopalladated ferrocenylimine self-assembly catalytic film and investigation of its role in the mechanism of heterogeneous catalysis
Z Fu, T Li, X He, J Liu, Y Wu
RSC Advances 4 (50), 26413-26420, 2014
Crystalline, highly oriented mof thin film: The fabrication and application
Z Fu, G Xu
The Chemical Record 17 (5), 518-534, 2017
Cyclopalladated ferrocenylimine functionalized polymer brushes film and its mechanism investigation of heterogeneous catalysis
Z Fu, T Li, X He, J Liu, W Xu, Y Wu
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 395, 293-299, 2014
Cyclopalladated ferrocenylimines with ester groups for Heck and Suzuki coupling reactions
J Wang, B Mu, Z Fu, L Wang, T Li, Y Wu
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 35 (7), 1059-1067, 2014
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