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Cytowane przez
Evaluation of a national data set for insights into sources, composition, and concentrations of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in US drinking water
JL Guelfo, DT Adamson
Environmental Pollution 236, 505-513, 2018
Inoculation of a DNAPL source zone to initiate reductive dechlorination of PCE
DT Adamson, JM McDade, JB Hughes
Environmental Science & Technology 37 (11), 2525-2533, 2003
A multisite survey to identify the scale of the 1, 4-dioxane problem at contaminated groundwater sites
DT Adamson, S Mahendra, KL Walker Jr, SR Rauch, S Sengupta, ...
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 1 (5), 254-258, 2014
Enhanced extraction of AFFF-associated PFASs from source zone soils
A Nickerson, AC Maizel, PR Kulkarni, DT Adamson, JJ Kornuc, ...
Environmental science & technology 54 (8), 4952-4962, 2020
Evidence of 1, 4-dioxane attenuation at groundwater sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents and 1, 4-dioxane
DT Adamson, RH Anderson, S Mahendra, CJ Newell
Environmental Science & Technology 49 (11), 6510-6518, 2015
Partitioning of poly-and perfluoroalkyl substances from soil to groundwater within aqueous film-forming foam source zones
RH Anderson, DT Adamson, HF Stroo
Journal of contaminant hydrology 220, 59-65, 2019
Relative contribution of DNAPL dissolution and matrix diffusion to the long-term persistence of chlorinated solvent source zones
MA Seyedabbasi, CJ Newell, DT Adamson, TC Sale
Journal of contaminant hydrology 134, 69-81, 2012
Spatial trends of anionic, zwitterionic, and cationic PFASs at an AFFF-impacted site
A Nickerson, AE Rodowa, DT Adamson, JA Field, PR Kulkarni, JJ Kornuc, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (1), 313-323, 2020
1, 4-Dioxane drinking water occurrence data from the third unregulated contaminant monitoring rule
DT Adamson, EA Piña, AE Cartwright, SR Rauch, RH Anderson, T Mohr, ...
Science of the Total Environment 596, 236-245, 2017
Overview of natural source zone depletion: processes, controlling factors, and composition change
S Garg, CJ Newell, PR Kulkarni, DC King, DT Adamson, MI Renno, T Sale
Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation 37 (3), 62-81, 2017
Perfluorooctanoic acid degradation in the presence of Fe (III) under natural sunlight
D Liu, Z Xiu, F Liu, G Wu, D Adamson, C Newell, P Vikesland, AL Tsai, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 262, 456-463, 2013
Mass-based, field-scale demonstration of PFAS retention within AFFF-associated source areas
DT Adamson, A Nickerson, PR Kulkarni, CP Higgins, J Popovic, J Field, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (24), 15768-15777, 2020
Flux and product distribution during biological treatment of tetrachloroethene dense non-aqueous-phase liquid
DT Adamson, DY Lyon, JB Hughes
Environmental Science & Technology 38 (7), 2021-2028, 2004
Impact of mixtures of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons on a high-rate, tetrachloroethene-dechlorinating enrichment culture
DT Adamson, GF Parkin
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Implications of matrix diffusion on 1, 4-dioxane persistence at contaminated groundwater sites
DT Adamson, PC de Blanc, SK Farhat, CJ Newell
Science of the Total Environment 562, 98-107, 2016
Management of contaminants stored in low permeability zones-A state of the science review
T Sale, BL Parker, CJ Newell, JF Devlin, D Adamson, S Chapman, ...
SERDP Project ER-1740, 348, 2013
Monitoring, assessment, and prediction of microbial shifts in coupled catalysis and biodegradation of 1, 4-dioxane and co-contaminants
Y Miao, NW Johnson, T Phan, K Heck, PB Gedalanga, X Zheng, ...
Water Research 173, 115540, 2020
Response and recovery of microbial communities subjected to oxidative and biological treatments of 1, 4-dioxane and co-contaminants
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Contaminant plume classification system based on mass discharge
CJ Newell, SK Farhat, DT Adamson, BB Looney
Groundwater 49 (6), 914-919, 2011
Planning‐level source decay models to evaluate impact of source depletion on remediation time frame
CJ Newell, DT Adamson
Remediation Journal: The Journal of Environmental Cleanup Costs …, 2005
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