Peng Yan
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Quantum magnonics: When magnon spintronics meets quantum information science
HY Yuan, Y Cao, A Kamra, RA Duine, P Yan
Physics Reports 965, 1-74, 2022
All-magnonic spin-transfer torque and domain wall propagation
P Yan, XS Wang, XR Wang
Physical review letters 107 (17), 177207, 2011
Exchange magnon-polaritons in microwave cavities
Y Cao, P Yan, H Huebl, STB Goennenwein, GEW Bauer
Physical Review B 91 (9), 094423, 2015
Steady bell state generation via magnon-photon coupling
HY Yuan, P Yan, S Zheng, QY He, K Xia, MH Yung
Physical Review Letters 124 (5), 053602, 2020
Coherent elastic excitation of spin waves
A Kamra, H Keshtgar, P Yan, GEW Bauer
Physical Review B 91 (10), 104409, 2015
Domain wall propagation through spin wave emission
XS Wang, P Yan, YH Shen, GEW Bauer, XR Wang
Physical Review Letters 109 (16), 167209, 2012
High-field domain wall propagation velocity in magnetic nanowires
XR Wang, P Yan, J Lu
Europhysics Letters 86 (6), 67001, 2009
Topological insulators and semimetals in classical magnetic systems
ZX Li, Y Cao, P Yan
Physics Reports 915, 1-64, 2021
Magnonic frequency comb through nonlinear magnon-skyrmion scattering
Z Wang, HY Yuan, Y Cao, ZX Li, RA Duine, P Yan
Physical Review Letters 127 (3), 037202, 2021
Realization of the square-root higher-order topological insulator in electric circuits
L Song, H Yang, Y Cao, P Yan
Nano Letters 20 (10), 7566-7571, 2020
Exceptional magnetic sensitivity of -symmetric cavity magnon polaritons
Y Cao, P Yan
Physical Review B 99 (21), 214415, 2019
Magnetic field driven domain-wall propagation in magnetic nanowires
XR Wang, P Yan, J Lu, C He
Annals of Physics 324 (8), 1815-1820, 2009
Angular and linear momentum of excited ferromagnets
P Yan, A Kamra, Y Cao, GEW Bauer
Physical Review B 88 (14), 144413, 2013
Twisted magnon as a magnetic tweezer
Y Jiang, HY Yuan, ZX Li, Z Wang, HW Zhang, Y Cao, P Yan
Physical Review Letters 124 (21), 217204, 2020
Observation of symmetry-protected zero modes in topolectrical circuits
H Yang, ZX Li, Y Liu, Y Cao, P Yan
Physical Review Research 2 (2), 022028, 2020
Antiferromagnetism emerging in a ferromagnet with gain
H Yang, C Wang, T Yu, Y Cao, P Yan
Physical Review Letters 121 (19), 197201, 2018
Photonic orbital angular momentum transfer and magnetic skyrmion rotation
W Yang, H Yang, Y Cao, P Yan
Optics express 26 (7), 8778-8790, 2018
Magnonic domain wall heat conductance in ferromagnetic wires
P Yan, GEW Bauer
Physical Review Letters 109 (8), 087202, 2012
Eavesdropping on spin waves inside the domain-wall nanochannel via three-magnon processes
B Zhang, Z Wang, Y Cao, P Yan, XR Wang
Physical Review B 97 (9), 094421, 2018
Higher-order exceptional points in ferromagnetic trilayers
T Yu, H Yang, L Song, P Yan, Y Cao
Physical Review B 101 (14), 144414, 2020
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