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Minkowski functional characterization and fractal analysis of surfaces of titanium nitride films
AG Korpi, Ş Ţălu, M Bramowicz, A Arman, S Kulesza, B Pszczolkowski, ...
Materials Research Express 6 (8), 086463, 2019
Characterization of Fe2O3 thin film on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite by AFM, Ellipsometry and XPS
P Kaspar, D Sobola, R Dallaev, S Ramazanov, A Nebojsa, S Rezaee, ...
Applied Surface Science 493, 673-678, 2019
Stereometric analysis of TiO2 thin films deposited by electron beam ion assisted
R Shakoury, A Arman, Ş Ţălu, D Dastan, C Luna, S Rezaee
Optical and Quantum Electronics 52 (5), 270, 2020
Multifractal and optical bandgap characterization of Ta2O5 thin films deposited by electron gun method
R Shakoury, S Rezaee, F Mwema, C Luna, K Ghosh, S Jurečka, Ş Ţălu, ...
Optical and Quantum Electronics 52 (2), 95, 2020
Influence of the oxygen partial pressure on the growth and optical properties of RF-sputtered anatase TiO2 thin films
ARG Korpi, S Rezaee, C Luna, Ş Ţălu, A Arman, A Ahmadpourian
Results in physics 7, 3349-3352, 2017
Stereometric and fractal analysis of sputtered Ag-Cu thin films
Ş Ţălu, RS Matos, EP Pinto, S Rezaee, M Mardani
Surfaces and Interfaces 21, 100650, 2020
The effects of deposition time on surface morphology, structural, electrical and optical properties of sputtered Ag-Cu thin films
A Ahmadpourian, C Luna, A Boochani, A Arman, A Achour, S Rezaee, ...
The European Physical Journal Plus 131, 1-7, 2016
Effect of annealing on the micromorphology and corrosion properties of Ti/SS thin films
S Rezaee, A Arman, S Jurečka, AG Korpi, F Mwema, C Luna, D Sobola, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 146, 106681, 2020
Microstructure, fractal geometry and dye-sensitized solar cells performance of CdS/TiO2 nanostructures
T Hoseinzadeh, S Solaymani, S Kulesza, A Achour, Z Ghorannevis, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 830, 80-87, 2018
Topographic characterization of zirconia-based ceramics by atomic force microscopy: A case study on different laser irradiations
M Fattahi, NB Nezafat, Ş Ţălu, S Solaymani, M Ghoranneviss, SM Elahi, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 831, 154763, 2020
New Insights into SnO2/Al2O3, Ni/Al2O3, and SnO2/Ni/Al2O3 Composite Films for CO Adsorption: Building a Bridge between Microstructures and …
N Mozaffari, S Solaymani, A Achour, S Kulesza, M Bramowicz, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (6), 3692-3701, 2020
The effect of different laser irradiation on rugometric and microtopographic features in zirconia ceramics: Study of surface statistical metrics
S Solaymani, S Kulesza, Ş Ţălu, M Bramowicz, NB Nezafat, V Dalouji, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 765, 180-185, 2018
Optical properties, microstructure, and multifractal analyses of ZnS thin films obtained by RF magnetron sputtering
R Shakoury, A Arman, Ş Ţălu, K Ghosh, S Rezaee, C Luna, F Mwema, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 31 (7), 5262-5273, 2020
Micromorphology analysis of TiO2 thin films by atomic force microscopy images: The influence of postannealing
Ş Ţălu, A Achour, S Solaymani, K Nikpasand, V Dalouji, A Sari, S Rezaee, ...
Microscopy Research and Technique 83 (5), 457-463, 2020
Structure-activity relationship of the radical scavenging activities of some natural antioxidants based on the graph of atomic orbitals
S Ahmadi, M Mehrabi, S Rezaei, N Mardafkan
Journal of Molecular Structure 1191, 165-174, 2019
Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on Cu-Fe nano-catalyst substrate
S Rezaee, A Ghaderi, A Boochani, S Solaymani
Results in physics 7, 3640-3644, 2017
Microstructure and optical bandgap of cobalt selenide nanofilms
N Ghobadi, F Hafezi, S Naderi, F Amiri, C Luna, A Arman, R Shakoury, ...
Semiconductors 53, 1751-1758, 2019
Gap states of ZnO thin films by new methods: optical spectroscopy, optical conductivity and optical dispersion energy
V Dalouji, S Solaymani, L Dejam, SM Elahi, S Rezaee, D Mehrparvar
Chinese Physics Letters 35 (2), 027701, 2018
Diamond nanocrystal thin films: Case study on surface texture and power spectral density properties
S Solaymani, Ş Ţălu, NB Nezafat, S Rezaee, MF Kenari
AIP Advances 10 (4), 2020
Optical properties and morphology analysis of hexagonal WO3 thin films obtained by electron beam evaporation
R Shakoury, A Arman, S Rezaee, AG Korpi, S Kulesza, C Luna, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 32 (1), 798-805, 2021
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