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David E. Hobart
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Cytowane przez
Actinide carbonte complexes and their importance in actinide environmental chemistry
DL Clark, DE Hobart, MP Neu
Chemical Reviews 95 (1), 25-48, 1995
EXAFS spectroscopic study of neptunium (V) sorption at the. alpha.-iron hydroxide oxide (. alpha.-FeOOH)/water interface
JM Combes, CJ Chisholm-Brause, GE Brown Jr, GA Parks, ...
Environmental science & technology 26 (2), 376-382, 1992
Raman spectroscopy of neptunyl and plutonyl ions in aqueous solution: hydrolysis of neptunium (VI) and plutonium (VI) and disproportionation of plutonium (V)
C Madic, GM Begun, DE Hobart, RL Hahn
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Raman spectrometric studies of actinide (V) and-(VI) complexes in aqueous sodium carbonate solution and of solid sodium actinide (V) carbonate compounds
C Madic, DE Hobart, GM Begun
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Stabilization of praseodymium (IV) and terbium (IV) in aqueous carbonate solution
DE Hobart, JP Young, VE Norvell, G Mamantov, JR Peterson, K Samhoun
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Characterization of berkelium (III) dipicolinate and borate compounds in solution and the solid state
MA Silver, SK Cary, JA Johnson, RE Baumbach, AA Arico, M Luckey, ...
Science 353 (6302), aaf3762, 2016
The formation of Pu (IV)-colloid by the alpha-reduction of Pu (V) or Pu (VI) in aqueous solutions
TW Newton, DE Hobart, PD Palmer
Radiochimica Acta 39 (3), 139-148, 1986
Spectroelectrochemical studies of the actinides: stabilization of americium (IV) in aqueous carbonate solution
DE Hobart, K Samhoun, JR Peterson
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Coexistence of americium in four oxidation states in sodium carbonate-sodium bicarbonate medium
JY Bourges, B Guillaume, G Koehly, DE Hobart, JR Peterson
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Raman spectra of the transplutonium orthophosphates and trimetaphosphates
DE Hobart, GM Begun, RG Haire, HE Hellwege
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 14 (1), 59-62, 1983
Actinides in the Environment
DE Hobart
203rd American Chemical Society national meeting, 1992
Summary and synthesis report on radionuclide retardation for the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project
IR Triay, A Meijer, JL Conca, KS Kung, RS Rundberg, BA Strietelmeier, ...
Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1997
Electronic structure and properties of berkelium iodates
MA Silver, SK Cary, AJ Garza, RE Baumbach, AA Arico, GA Galmin, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (38), 13361-13375, 2017
Incipient class II mixed valency in a plutonium solid-state compound
SK Cary, SS Galley, ML Marsh, DL Hobart, RE Baumbach, JN Cross, ...
Nature chemistry 9 (9), 856-861, 2017
Investigation of the Structural Properties of an Extended Series of Lanthanide Bis-hydroxychlorides Ln(OH)2Cl (Ln = Nd−Lu, except Pm and Sm)
RA Zehnder, DL Clark, BL Scott, RJ Donohoe, PD Palmer, WH Runde, ...
Inorganic chemistry 49 (11), 4781-4790, 2010
Electrochemical and spectroscopic studies of neptunium in concentrated aqueous carbonate and carbonate-hydroxide solutions
PG Varlashkin, ΟE HOBART, GM Begun, JR Peterson
Radiochimica Acta 35 (2), 91-96, 1984
Size determinations of plutonium colloids using autocorrelation photon spectroscopy
IR Triay, DE Hobart, AJ Mitchell, TW Newton, MA Ott, PD Palmer, ...
Radiochimica Acta 52 (1), 127-132, 1991
Raman spectra of the lanthanide oxalates
DE Morris, DE Hobart
Journal of Raman spectroscopy 19 (4), 231-237, 1988
“Cation-cation” complexes of pentavalent actinides—II Spectrophotometric study of complexes of Am (V) with UO22+ and NpO22+ in aqueous perchlorate solution
B Guillaume, DE Hobart, JY Bourges
Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry 43 (12), 3295-3299, 1981
"Cation—Cation” Complexes of Pentavalent Actinides; Complexes Formed by NpO+2 or VO+2 with VO2+ in Aqueous Perchlorate Solutions
C Madic, GM Begun, DE Hobart, RL Hahn
Radiochimica Acta 34 (4), 195-202, 1983
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