Marek Chrobak
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Cytowane przez
New results on server problems
M Chrobak, H Karloff, T Payne, S Vishwnathan
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Fast broadcasting and gossiping in radio networks
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Finite automata and unary languages
M Chrobak
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Dynamic thermal management through task scheduling
J Yang, X Zhou, M Chrobak, Y Zhang, L Jin
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Analysis of bacterial community composition by oligonucleotide fingerprinting of rRNA genes
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The Server Problem and On-Line Games.
M Chrobak, LL Larmore
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Minimum-width grid drawings of plane graphs
M Chrobak, SI Nakano
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LRU is better than FIFO
M Chrobak, J Noga
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Convex drawings of graphs in two and three dimensions (preliminary version)
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On some packing problem related to dynamic storage allocation
M Chrobak, M Ślusarek
RAIRO-Theoretical Informatics and Applications 22 (4), 487-499, 1988
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