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Alan Hastie
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Classification of altered volcanic island arc rocks using immobile trace elements: development of the Th–Co discrimination diagram
AR Hastie, AC Kerr, JA Pearce, SF Mitchell
Journal of petrology 48 (12), 2341-2357, 2007
Geochemistry of rare high-Nb basalt lavas: Are they derived from a mantle wedge metasomatised by slab melts?
AR Hastie, SF Mitchell, AC Kerr, MJ Minifie, IL Millar
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75 (17), 5049-5072, 2011
Mantle plume or slab window?: Physical and geochemical constraints on the origin of the Caribbean oceanic plateau
AR Hastie, AC Kerr
Earth-Science Reviews 98 (3-4), 283-293, 2010
A potential barrier to deep Antarctic circumpolar flow until the late Miocene?
IWD Dalziel, LA Lawver, JA Pearce, PF Barker, AR Hastie, DN Barfod, ...
Geology 41 (9), 947-950, 2013
The origin of Earth’s first continents and the onset of plate tectonics
AR Hastie, JG Fitton, GD Bromiley, IB Butler, NWA Odling
Geology 44 (10), 855-858, 2016
Geochronology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of rhyodacite lavas in eastern Jamaica: A new adakite subgroup analogous to early Archaean continental crust?
AR Hastie, AC Kerr, I McDonald, SF Mitchell, JA Pearce, IL Millar, ...
Chemical Geology 276 (3-4), 344-359, 2010
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Cretaceous oceanic plateau lavas in eastern Jamaica
AR Hastie, AC Kerr, SF Mitchell, IL Millar
Lithos 101 (3-4), 323-343, 2008
Origin of the Aves Ridge and Dutch–Venezuelan Antilles: interaction of the Cretaceous ‘Great Arc'and Caribbean–Colombian Oceanic Plateau?
I Neill, AC Kerr, AR Hastie, KP Stanek, IL Millar
Journal of the Geological Society 168 (2), 333-348, 2011
Geochemical components in a Cretaceous island arc: the Th/La–(Ce/Ce*) Nd diagram and implications for subduction initiation in the inter-American region
AR Hastie, SF Mitchell, PJ Treloar, AC Kerr, I Neill, DN Barfod
Lithos 162, 57-69, 2013
Do Cenozoic analogues support a plate tectonic origin for Earth's earliest continental crust?
AR Hastie, AC Kerr, I McDonald, SF Mitchell, JA Pearce, M Wolstencroft, ...
Geology 38 (6), 495-498, 2010
Chalcophile element processing beneath a continental arc stratovolcano
D Cox, SFL Watt, FE Jenner, AR Hastie, SJ Hammond
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 522, 1-11, 2019
Geochemistry and tectonomagmatic significance of lower Cretaceous island arc lavas from the Devils Racecourse Formation, eastern Jamaica
AR Hastie, AC Kerr, SF Mitchell, IL Millar
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 328 (1), 339-360, 2009
Can fractional crystallization, mixing and assimilation processes be responsible for Jamaican-type adakites? Implications for generating Eoarchaean continental crust
AR Hastie, JG Fitton, SF Mitchell, I Neill, GM Nowell, IL Millar
Journal of Petrology 56 (7), 1251-1284, 2015
Eoarchaean tectonics: New constraints from high pressure-temperature experiments and mass balance modelling
AR Hastie, JG Fitton
Precambrian Research 325, 20-38, 2019
Origin of the volcanic complexes of La Désirade, Lesser Antilles: Implications for tectonic reconstruction of the Late Jurassic to Cretaceous Pacific-proto Caribbean margin
I Neill, JA Gibbs, AR Hastie, AC Kerr
Lithos 120 (3-4), 407-420, 2010
Geochemistry of compositionally distinct late Cretaceous back-arc basin lavas: Implications for the tectonomagmatic evolution of the Caribbean plate
AR Hastie, R Ramsook, SF Mitchell, AC Kerr, IL Millar, DF Mark
The Journal of Geology 118 (6), 655-676, 2010
The northern and southern sections of the western ca. 1880 Ma circum-Superior large igneous province, North America: The Pickle Crow dyke connection?
MJ Minifie, AC Kerr, RE Ernst, AR Hastie, TJR Ciborowski, G Desharnais, ...
Lithos 174, 217-235, 2013
The composition of mantle plumes and the deep Earth
AR Hastie, JG Fitton, AC Kerr, I McDonald, A Schwindrofska, K Hoernle
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 444, 13-25, 2016
The Albian–Turonian island arc rocks of Tobago, West Indies: geochemistry, petrogenesis, and Caribbean Plate tectonics
I Neill, AC Kerr, AR Hastie, JL Pindell, IL Millar
Journal of Petrology 54 (8), 1607-1639, 2013
Composition and evolution of the Ancestral South Sandwich Arc: Implications for the flow of deep ocean water and mantle through the Drake Passage Gateway
JA Pearce, AR Hastie, PT Leat, IW Dalziel, LA Lawver, PF Barker, IL Millar, ...
Global and Planetary Change 123, 298-322, 2014
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