Sanjib Kumar Shrestha
Sanjib Kumar Shrestha
University of Kentucky Hospital Laboratories
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Cytowane przez
Synthesis and investigation of novel benzimidazole derivatives as antifungal agents
NT Chandrika, SK Shrestha, HX Ngo, S Garneau-Tsodikova
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 24 (16), 3680-3686, 2016
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Antibacterial to antifungal conversion of neamine aminoglycosides through alkyl modification. Strategy for reviving old drugs into agrofungicides
CWT Chang, M Fosso, Y Kawasaki, S Shrestha, MF Bensaci, J Wang, ...
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SK Shrestha, A Garzan, S Garneau-Tsodikova
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S Shrestha, M Grilley, MY Fosso, CWT Chang, JY Takemoto
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HX Ngo, SK Shrestha, S Garneau‐Tsodikova
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Repurposing antipsychotic drugs into antifungal agents: Synergistic combinations of azoles and bromperidol derivatives in the treatment of various fungal infections
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Expanding Substrate Promiscuity by Engineering a Novel Adenylating‐Methylating NRPS Bifunctional Enzyme
SK Shrestha, S Garneau‐Tsodikova
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Derivatives of ribosome-inhibiting antibiotic chloramphenicol inhibit the biosynthesis of bacterial cell wall
S Louzoun Zada, KD Green, SK Shrestha, IM Herzog, ...
ACS infectious diseases 4 (7), 1121-1129, 2018
Bis (N-amidinohydrazones) and N-(amidino)-N′-aryl-bishydrazones: New classes of antibacterial/antifungal agents
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N, N′-diaryl-bishydrazones in a biphenyl platform: broad spectrum antifungal agents
NT Chandrika, EK Dennis, SK Shrestha, HX Ngo, KD Green, ...
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Differential effects of linkers on the activity of amphiphilic tobramycin antifungals
MY Fosso, SK Shrestha, N Thamban Chandrika, EK Dennis, KD Green, ...
Molecules 23 (4), 899, 2018
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