Brett F BuSha
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Cytowane przez
An orthotic hand-assistive exoskeleton for actuated pinch and grasp
MF Rotella, KE Reuther, CL Hofmann, EB Hage, BF BuSha
2009 IEEE 35th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference, 1-2, 2009
Head motion controlled power wheelchair
DJ Kupetz, SA Wentzell, BF BuSha
Proceedings of the 2010 ieee 36th annual northeast bioengineering conference …, 2010
Force production of the genioglossus as a function of muscle length in normal humans
BF BuSha, SJ England, R Parisi, RJ Strobel
Journal of Applied Physiology 88 (5), 1678-84, 2000
A power-assisted exoskeleton optimized for pinching and grasping motions
LA Martinez, OO Olaloye, MV Talarico, SM Shah, RJ Arends, BF BuSha
Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE 36th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference …, 2010
The length–force relationship of the human genioglossus in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
BF BuSha, RJ Strobel, SJ England
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology 130 (2), 161-168, 2002
State and chemical drive modulate respiratory variability
BF BuSha, MH Stella
Journal of Applied Physiology 93 (2), 685-696, 2002
Orthotic hand-assistive exoskeleton
MD Baker, MK McDonough, EM McMullin, M Swift, BF BuSha
2011 IEEE 37th annual northeast bioengineering conference (NEBEC), 1-2, 2011
Spontaneous arousals during quiet sleep in piglets: a visual and wavelet-based analysis
B BuSha, JC Leiter, AK Curran, A Li, EE Nattie, RA Darnall
Sleep 24 (5), 499-513, 2001
Identification of respiratory vagal feedback in awake normal subjects using pseudorandom unloading
BF BuSha, BG Judd, HL Manning, PM Simon, BC Searle, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology 90 (6), 2330-2340, 2001
An effective 3-fingered augmenting exoskeleton for the human hand
CJ Gearhart, B Varone, MH Stella, BF BuSha
2016 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2016
Termination of inspiration by phase-dependent respiratory vagal feedback in awake normal humans
BF BuSha, MH Stella, HL Manning, JC Leiter
Journal of Applied Physiology 93 (3), 903-910, 2002
Gender and breathing route modulate cardio-respiratory variability in humans
BF BuSha, E Hage, C Hofmann
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology 166 (2), 87-94, 2009
A force augmenting exoskeleton for the human hand designed for pinching and grasping
ER Triolo, MH Stella, BF BuSha
2018 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2018
Exercise modulation of cardiorespiratory variability in humans
BF BuSha
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology 172 (1-2), 72-80, 2010
Synchronous sympathy at the symphony: Conductor and audience accord
TM Nakra, BF BuSha
Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal 32 (2), 109-124, 2014
A stochastic and integrative model of breathing
BF BuSha, G Banis
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology 237, 51-56, 2017
Strength amplifying hand exoskeleton
CC Cincotti, S O'Donnell, GE Zapata, CM Rabolli, BF BuSha
2015 41st Annual Northeast Biomedical Engineering Conference (NEBEC), 1-2, 2015
Transportable infant incubator for developing countries
R Cichocki, R O'Laughlin, A Midouin, BF BuSha
2012 38th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC), 65-66, 2012
3-D printed hand assisstive exoskeleton for actuated pinch and grasp
M Colon, Y Hamid, J Lopez, L Scully, S Kim, BF BuSha
2014 40th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC), 1-2, 2014
Design and Experimental Testing of a Force-Augmenting Exoskeleton for the Human Hand
E Triolo, B BuSha
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 19, 2022
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