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The importance of illumination in nest site choice and nest characteristics of cavity nesting birds
P Podkowa, A Surmacki
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1329, 2017
Cryoconite–From minerals and organic matter to bioengineered sediments on glacier's surfaces
P Rozwalak, P Podkowa, J Buda, P Niedzielski, S Kawecki, R Ambrosini, ...
Science of The Total Environment 807, 150874, 2022
The use of trail cameras to monitor species inhabiting artificial nest boxes
A Surmacki, P Podkowa
Ecology and Evolution 12 (2), e8550, 2022
Temperature (latitude) and nutrient (seabird guano) effects on limno-terrestrial Tardigrada (Testechiniscus spitsbergensis and Pilatobius recamieri) body size
K Zawierucha, P Podkowa, M Marciniak, P Gąsiorek, ...
Polar Research 37 (1), 1492297, 2018
Light affects parental provisioning behaviour in a cavity‐nesting Passerine
P Podkowa, K Malinowska, A Surmacki
Journal of Avian Biology 50 (11), 2019
A nocturnal rail with a simple territorial call eavesdrops on interactions between rivals
LE Wojas, PW Podkowa, TS Osiejuk
Plos one 13 (5), e0197368, 2018
Importance of nest boxes for breeding birds in forest areas-the Wielkopolski National Park case study.
K Kudelska, P Podkowa, K Karaśkiewicz, A Surmacki
Sylwan 161 (11), 949-957, 2017
Znaczenie skrzynek lęgowych dla ptaków obszarów leśnych na przykładzie Wielkopolskiego Parku Narodowego
K Kudelska, P Podkowa, K Karaśkiewicz, A Surmacki
sylwan 161 (11), 949-957, 2017
The effect of daylight exposure on the immune response and body condition of Great Tit nestlings
P Podkowa, A Surmacki
Journal of Ornithology 164 (1), 203-216, 2023
An extreme type of brood overlapping in wild-living birds
A Surmacki, P Podkowa
The European Zoological Journal 89 (1), 527-534, 2022
How to reduce the costs of ornaments without reducing their effectiveness? An example of a mechanism from carotenoid-based plumage
A Surmacki, A Ragan, Z Kosiński, M Tobółka, P Podkowa
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 70, 695-700, 2016
Frequent duets, rare choruses, and extremely rare solos: year-round singing behavior in Chubb’s Cisticola
M Budka, M Piasecka, JT Białas, P Kokociński, P Podkowa, A Surmacki, ...
Journal of Ornithology 164 (3), 547-559, 2023
Effect of light intensity in the nest site on eggshell pigmentation in a hole-nesting passerine
K Malinowska, K Szala, P Podkowa, A Surmacki
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 9764, 2023
The reuse of Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) nests by the Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio) in an intensive agricultural landscape: a coincidence or a new …
Z Kwiecinski, P Podkowa, JZ Kosicki
The European Zoological Journal 91 (1), 75-80, 2024
The influence of light on breeding biology and ecology of hole-nesting birds
P Podkowa
Zakład Biologii i Ekologii Ptaków [nowa struktura organizacyjna], 2022
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