Arjun Chennu
Arjun Chennu
Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research
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Hyperspectral imaging of the microscale distribution and dynamics of microphytobenthos in intertidal sediments
A Chennu, P Färber, N Volkenborn, MAA Al‐Najjar, F Janssen, D De Beer, ...
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 11 (10), 511-528, 2013
A diver-operated hyperspectral imaging and topographic surveying system for automated mapping of benthic habitats
A Chennu, P Färber, G De’ath, D de Beer, KE Fabricius
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-12, 2017
Statistics of single-electron signals in electron-multiplying charge-coupled devices
T Plakhotnik, A Chennu, AV Zvyagin
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 53 (4), 618-622, 2006
Effects of bioadvection by Arenicola marina on microphytobenthos in permeable sediments
A Chennu, N Volkenborn, D De Beer, DS Wethey, SA Woodin, ...
Plos one 10 (7), e0134236, 2015
Rapid reactivation of cyanobacterial photosynthesis and migration upon rehydration of desiccated marine microbial mats
A Chennu, A Grinham, L Polerecky, D De Beer, MAA Al-Najjar
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 1472, 2015
Ocean acidification changes abiotic processes but not biotic processes in coral reef sediments
A Fink, J den Haan, A Chennu, S Uthicke, D de Beer
Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 73, 2017
High net primary production of Mediterranean seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) meadows determined with aquatic eddy covariance
D Koopmans, M Holtappels, A Chennu, M Weber, D de Beer
Frontiers in marine science 7, 118, 2020
Oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis in a microbial mat from an anoxic and sulfidic spring
D de Beer, M Weber, A Chennu, T Hamilton, C Lott, J Macalady, J M. Klatt
Environmental microbiology 19 (3), 1251-1265, 2017
The response of seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) meadow metabolism to CO2 levels and hydrodynamic exchange determined with aquatic eddy covariance
D Koopmans, M Holtappels, A Chennu, M Weber, D Beer
Biogeosciences Discussions, 1-23, 2018
Exploring flow-biofilm-sediment interactions: Assessment of current status and future challenges
SU Gerbersdorf, K Koca, D deBeer, A Chennu, C Noss, U Risse-Buhl, ...
Water Research, 116182, 2020
A trillion coral reef colors: Deeply annotated underwater hyperspectral images for automated classification and habitat mapping
AR Rashid, A Chennu
Data 5 (1), 19, 2020
Optical Coherence Tomography: a literature survey
A Chennu
Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Photonics, 2008
Mapping the in situ microspatial distribution of ice algal biomass through hyperspectral imaging of sea-ice cores
E Cimoli, V Lucieer, KM Meiners, A Chennu, K Castrisios, KG Ryan, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-17, 2020
Use of an oxygen planar optode to assess the effect of high velocity microsprays on oxygen penetration in a human dental biofilms in-vitro
Y Khosravi, RDP Kandukuri, S Palmer, ES Gloag, SM Borisov, EM Starke, ...
BMC oral health 20 (1), 1-14, 2020
Limitation of microbial processes at saturation-level salinities in a microbial mat covering a coastal saltflat
DV Meier, AJ Greve, A Chennu, MR van Erk, T Muthukrishnan, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, AEM. 00698-21, 2021
Data Science and Programming
A Chennu, F Haag
The role of off-shore advection for open ocean export in the Mauritanian upwelling region
S Swoboda, A Chennu, H Marchant, S Ahmerkamp, K Schwalfenberg, ...
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, 2020
Taxonomically annotated underwater hyperspectral and color images of coral reef transects from Curaçao
A Chennu, AR Rashid, J den Haan, D de Beer, 2020
MicroBenthos: a modeling framework for microbial benthic ecology
A Chennu
Journal of Open Source Software 3 (25), 674, 2018
Primary Production and Respiration in Mediterranean Seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) Meadows
D Koopmans, M Holtappels, A Chennu, D de Beer
2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018
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