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Exposure age chronology of the last glaciation in the eastern Pyrenees
M Delmas, Y Gunnell, R Braucher, M Calvet, D Bourlès
Quaternary Research 69 (2), 231-241, 2008
Palaeogeography and 10Be exposure-age chronology of Middle and Late Pleistocene glacier systems in the northern Pyrenees: implications for reconstructing regional palaeoclimates
M Delmas, M Calvet, Y Gunnell, R Braucher, D Bourlès
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 305 (1-4), 109-122, 2011
Recent advances in research on Quaternary glaciations in the Pyrenees
M Calvet, M Delmas, Y Gunnell, R Braucher, D Bourles
Quaternary Glaciations, extent and chronology: A closer look. Developments …, 2011
Small, isolated glacial catchments as priority targets for cosmogenic surface exposure dating of Pleistocene climate fluctuations, southeastern Pyrenees
R Pallàs, Á Rodés, R Braucher, D Bourlès, M Delmas, M Calvet, ...
Geology 38 (10), 891-894, 2010
Variability of Quaternary glacial erosion rates–A global perspective with special reference to the Eastern Pyrenees
M Delmas, M Calvet, Y Gunnell
Quaternary Science Reviews 28 (5-6), 484-498, 2009
Cirques have growth spurts during deglacial and interglacial periods: Evidence from 10Be and 26Al nuclide inventories in the central and eastern Pyrenees
Y Crest, M Delmas, R Braucher, Y Gunnell, M Calvet, Aster Team
Geomorphology 278, 60-77, 2017
Large‐scale rock slope failures in the eastern pyrenees: identifying a sparse but significant population in paraglacial and parafluvial contexts
D Jarman, M Calvet, J Corominas, M Delmas, Y Gunnell
Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography 96 (3), 357-391, 2014
The last maximum ice extent and subsequent deglaciation of the Pyrenees: an overview of recent research
M Delmas
Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica 41 (2), p. 359-387, 2015
Of ice and water: Quaternary fluvial response to glacial forcing
S Cordier, K Adamson, M Delmas, M Calvet, D Harmand
Quaternary Science Reviews 166, 57-73, 2017
Environmental controls on alpine cirque size
M Delmas, Y Gunnell, M Calvet
Geomorphology 206, 318-329, 2014
The granite tors of Dartmoor, Southwest England: rapid and recent emergence revealed by Late Pleistocene cosmogenic apparent exposure ages
Y Gunnell, D Jarman, R Braucher, M Calvet, M Delmas, L Leanni, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 61, 62-76, 2013
The human occupation of the northwestern Pyrenees in the Late Glacial: new data from the Arudy basin, lower Ossau valley
JM Pétillon, M Langlais, D Kuntz, C Normand, C Barshay-Szmidt, ...
Quaternary International 364, 126-143, 2015
Did Pyrenean glaciers dance to the beat of global climatic events? Evidence from the Würmian sequence stratigraphy of an ice-dammed palaeolake depocentre in Andorra
V Turu, M Calvet, J Bordonau, Y Gunnell, M Delmas, J Manuel Vilaplana, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 433 (1), 111-136, 2017
Cave levels as proxies for measuring post-orogenic uplift: Evidence from cosmogenic dating of alluvium-filled caves in the French Pyrenees
M Calvet, Y Gunnell, R Braucher, G Hez, D Bourles, V Guillou, M Delmas, ...
Geomorphology 246, 617-633, 2015
A critical appraisal of allometric growth among alpine cirques based on multivariate statistics and spatial analysis
M Delmas, Y Gunnell, M Calvet
Geomorphology 228, 637-652, 2015
Terrestrial 10Be and electron spin resonance dating of fluvial terraces quantifies quaternary tectonic uplift gradients in the eastern Pyrenees
M Delmas, M Calvet, Y Gunnell, P Voinchet, C Manel, R Braucher, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 193, 188-211, 2018
La déglaciation dans le massif du Carlit (Pyrénées orientales): approches géomorphologique et géochronologique nouvelles
M Delmas
Quaternaire. Revue de l'Association française pour l'étude du Quaternaire 16 …, 2005
Constraints on Pleistocene glaciofluvial terrace age and related soil chronosequence features from vertical 10Be profiles in the Ariège River catchment (Pyrenees, France)
M Delmas, R Braucher, Y Gunnell, V Guillou, M Calvet, D Bourlès, ...
Global and Planetary Change 132, 39-53, 2015
Rapid age assessment of glacial landforms in the Pyrenees using Schmidt hammer exposure dating (SHED)
MD Tomkins, JM Dortch, PD Hughes, JJ Huck, AG Stimson, M Delmas, ...
Quaternary Research 90 (1), 26-37, 2018
Chronologie et impact géomorphologique des glaciations quaternaires dans l'est des Pyrénées
M Delmas
Université Panthéon-Sorbonne-Paris I, 2009
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