Lionel Roques
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Analysis of the periodically fragmented environment model: I–species persistence
H Berestycki, F Hamel, L Roques
Journal of Mathematical Biology 51, 75-113, 2005
Analysis of the periodically fragmented environment model: II—Biological invasions and pulsating travelling fronts
H Berestycki, F Hamel, L Roques
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Allee effect promotes diversity in traveling waves of colonization
L Roques, J Garnier, F Hamel, EK Klein
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (23), 8828-8833, 2012
Using early data to estimate the actual infection fatality ratio from COVID-19 in France
L Roques, EK Klein, J Papaix, A Sar, S Soubeyrand
Biology 9 (5), 97, 2020
Fast propagation for KPP equations with slowly decaying initial conditions
F Hamel, L Roques
Journal of Differential Equations 249 (7), 1726-1745, 2010
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F Hamel, L Roques
Journal of the European Mathematical Society 13 (2), 345-390, 2010
Inside dynamics of pulled and pushed fronts
J Garnier, T Giletti, F Hamel, L Roques
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Impact of lockdown on the epidemic dynamics of COVID-19 in France
L Roques, EK Klein, J Papaix, A Sar, S Soubeyrand
Frontiers in medicine 7, 274, 2020
Mathematical analysis of the optimal habitat configurations for species persistence
L Roques, F Hamel
Mathematical Biosciences 210 (1), 34-59, 2007
Success rate of a biological invasion in terms of the spatial distribution of the founding population
J Garnier, L Roques, F Hamel
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 74, 453-473, 2012
A population facing climate change: joint influences of Allee effects and environmental boundary geometry
L Roques, A Roques, H Berestycki, A Kretzschmar
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Modèles de réaction-diffusion pour l'écologie spatiale: Avec exercices dirigés
L Roques
Editions Quae, 2013
A statistical-reaction–diffusion approach for analyzing expansion processes
L Roques, S Soubeyrand, J Rousselet
Journal of Theoretical Biology 274 (1), 43-51, 2011
Homogenization and influence of fragmentation in a biological invasion model
ME Smaily, F Hamel, L Roques
arXiv preprint arXiv:0907.4951, 2009
Species persistence decreases with habitat fragmentation: an analysis in periodic stochastic environments
L Roques, RS Stoica
Journal of Mathematical Biology 55 (2), 189-205, 2007
Modelling population dynamics in realistic landscapes with linear elements: A mechanistic-statistical reaction-diffusion approach
L Roques, O Bonnefon
PloS one 11 (3), e0151217, 2016
The nonstationary dynamics of fitness distributions: asexual model with epistasis and standing variation
G Martin, L Roques
Genetics 204 (4), 1541-1558, 2016
Spreading speeds in slowly oscillating environments
F Hamel, J Fayard, L Roques
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 72 (5), 1166-1191, 2010
Parameter estimation for energy balance models with memory
L Roques, MD Chekroun, M Cristofol, S Soubeyrand, M Ghil
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering …, 2014
Probing chaos and biodiversity in a simple competition model
L Roques, MD Chekroun
Ecological Complexity 8 (1), 98-104, 2011
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