Fulvio Flamini
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Photonic quantum information processing: a review
F Flamini, N Spagnolo, F Sciarrino
Reports on Progress in Physics 82 (1), 016001, 2018
Experimental validation of photonic boson sampling
N Spagnolo, C Vitelli, M Bentivegna, DJ Brod, A Crespi, F Flamini, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (8), 615-620, 2014
Experimental scattershot boson sampling
M Bentivegna, N Spagnolo, C Vitelli, F Flamini, N Viggianiello, L Latmiral, ...
Science advances 1 (3), e1400255, 2015
Thermally reconfigurable quantum photonic circuits at telecom wavelength by femtosecond laser micromachining
F Flamini, L Magrini, AS Rab, N Spagnolo, V D'Ambrosio, P Mataloni, ...
Light: Science & Applications 4, 2015
Suppression law of quantum states in a 3D photonic fast Fourier transform chip
A Crespi, R Osellame, R Ramponi, M Bentivegna, F Flamini, N Spagnolo, ...
Nature Communications 7, 10469, 2015
Experimental statistical signature of many-body quantum interference
T Giordani, F Flamini, M Pompili, N Viggianiello, N Spagnolo, A Crespi, ...
Nature Photonics 12 (3), 173-178, 2018
Pattern recognition techniques for Boson Sampling validation
I Agresti, N Viggianiello, F Flamini, N Spagnolo, A Crespi, R Osellame, ...
Physical Review X, 2019
Experimental generalized quantum suppression law in Sylvester interferometers
N Viggianiello, F Flamini, L Innocenti, D Cozzolino, M Bentivegna, ...
New Journal of Physics 20 (3), 033017, 2018
Bayesian approach to boson sampling validation
M Bentivegna, N Spagnolo, C Vitelli, DJ Brod, A Crespi, F Flamini, ...
International Journal of Quantum Information 12 (07n08), 1560028, 2015
Benchmarking integrated linear-optical architectures for quantum information processing
F Flamini, N Spagnolo, N Viggianiello, A Crespi, R Osellame, F Sciarrino
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 15133, 2017
Witnessing genuine multiphoton indistinguishability
DJ Brod, EF Galvão, N Viggianiello, F Flamini, N Spagnolo, F Sciarrino
Physical review letters 122 (6), 063602, 2019
Photonic architecture for reinforcement learning
F Flamini, A Hamann, S Jerbi, LM Trenkwalder, HP Nautrup, HJ Briegel
New Journal of Physics 22 (4), 045002, 2020
Optimal photonic indistinguishability tests in multimode networks
N Viggianiello, F Flamini, M Bentivegna, N Spagnolo, A Crespi, DJ Brod, ...
Science bulletin 63 (22), 1470-1478, 2018
Visual assessment of multi-photon interference
F Flamini, N Spagnolo, F Sciarrino
Quantum Science and Technology 4 (2), 024008, 2019
Experimental quantification of four-photon indistinguishability
T Giordani, DJ Brod, C Esposito, N Viggianiello, M Romano, F Flamini, ...
New Journal of Physics 22 (4), 043001, 2020
Validating multi-photon quantum interference with finite data
F Flamini, M Walschaers, N Spagnolo, N Wiebe, A Buchleitner, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 5 (4), 045005, 2020
Observation of photonic states dynamics in 3-D integrated Fourier circuits
F Flamini, N Viggianiello, T Giordani, M Bentivegna, N Spagnolo, ...
Journal of Optics, 2016
Generalized quantum fast transformations via femtosecond laser writing technique
F Flamini, N Viggianiello, M Bentivegna, N Spagnolo, P Mataloni, ...
Interdisciplinary information sciences 23 (1), 115-118, 2017
Automated gadget discovery in the quantum domain
LM Trenkwalder, A López-Incera, HP Nautrup, F Flamini, HJ Briegel
Machine Learning: Science and Technology 4 (3), 035043, 2023
Towards interpretable quantum machine learning via single-photon quantum walks
F Flamini, M Krumm, LJ Fiderer, T Müller, HJ Briegel
Quantum Science and Technology, 2023
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