Ambika G. Bajpayee
Ambika G. Bajpayee
Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Northeastern University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Cartilage-targeting drug delivery: can electrostatic interactions help?
AG Bajpayee, AJ Grodzinsky
Nature Reviews Rheumatology 13 (3), 183-193, 2017
Avidin as a model for charge driven transport into cartilage and drug delivery for treating early stage post-traumatic osteoarthritis
AG Bajpayee, CR Wong, MG Bawendi, EH Frank, AJ Grodzinsky
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Charge based intra-cartilage delivery of single dose dexamethasone using Avidin nano-carriers suppresses cytokine-induced catabolism long term
AG Bajpayee, MA Quadir, PT Hammond, AJ Grodzinsky
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Electrostatic interactions enable rapid penetration, enhanced uptake and retention of intra‐articular injected avidin in rat knee joints
AG Bajpayee, M Scheu, AJ Grodzinsky, RM Porter
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Overcoming negatively charged tissue barriers: Drug delivery using cationic peptides and proteins
A Vedadghavami, C Zhang, AG Bajpayee
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Milk exosomes with enhanced mucus penetrability for oral delivery of siRNA
MR Warren, C Zhang, A Vedadghavami, K Bokvist, PK Dhal, AG Bajpayee
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Sustained intra-cartilage delivery of low dose dexamethasone using a cationic carrier for treatment of post traumatic osteoarthritis
AG Bajpayee, E Rodolfo, M Scheu, NH Varady, IA Yannatos, LA Brown, ...
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A Vedadghavami, EK Wagner, S Mehta, T He, C Zhang, AG Bajpayee
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A rabbit model demonstrates the influence of cartilage thickness on intra‐articular drug delivery and retention within cartilage
AG Bajpayee, M Scheu, AJ Grodzinsky, RM Porter
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Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) is more effective in suppressing cytokine-induced catabolism in cartilage-synovium co-culture than in cartilage monoculture
S Mehta, S Akhtar, RM Porter, P Önnerfjord, AG Bajpayee
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Multi-arm Avidin nano-construct for intra-cartilage delivery of small molecule drugs
T He, C Zhang, A Vedadghavami, S Mehta, HA Clark, RM Porter, ...
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S Mehta, T He, AG Bajpayee
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Hyaluronic acid-based shape-memory cryogel scaffolds for focal cartilage defect repair
T He, B Li, T Colombani, K Joshi-Navare, S Mehta, J Kisiday, ...
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Bioelectricity for drug delivery: the promise of cationic therapeutics
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A once-a-month oral contraceptive
AR Kirtane, T Hua, A Hayward, A Bajpayee, A Wahane, A Lopes, ...
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Multi-scale imaging techniques to investigate solute transport across articular cartilage
B Pouran, V Arbabi, AG Bajpayee, J van Tiel, J Töyräs, JS Jurvelin, ...
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Avidin-biotin technology to synthesize multi-arm nano-construct for drug delivery
C Zhang, T He, A Vedadghavami, AG Bajpayee
MethodsX 7, 100882, 2020
Resveratrol and Curcumin Attenuate Ex Vivo Sugar-Induced Cartilage Glycation, Stiffening, Senescence, and Degeneration
S Mehta, CC Young, MR Warren, S Akhtar, SJ Shefelbine, JD Crane, ...
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T He, I Shaw, A Vedadghavami, AG Bajpayee
Cartilage 13 (2), 19476035221093072, 2022
Avidin grafted dextran nanostructure enables a month-long intra-discal retention
EK Wagner, A Vedadghavami, TD Jacobsen, SA Goel, NO Chahine, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 12017, 2020
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