Guillem Collell
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A simple plug-in bagging ensemble based on threshold-moving for classifying binary and multiclass imbalanced data
G Collell, D Prelec, KR Patil
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Imagined visual representations as multimodal embeddings
G Collell, T Zhang, MF Moens
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G Collell, J Fauquet
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Is an Image Worth More than a Thousand Words? On the Fine-Grain Semantic Differences between Visual and Linguistic Representations
G Collell, MF Moens
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Acquiring common sense spatial knowledge through implicit spatial templates
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Do Neural Network Cross-Modal Mappings Really Bridge Modalities?
G Collell, MF Moens
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Reviving threshold-moving: a simple plug-in bagging ensemble for binary and multiclass imbalanced data
G Collell, D Prelec, K Patil
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Visual and affective grounding in language and mind
S De Deyne, D Navarro, G Collell, A Perfors
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How the relationship between information theory and thermodynamics can contribute to explaining brain and cognitive activity: an integrative approach
G Collell, J Fauquet
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Giving commands to a self-driving car: A multimodal reasoner for visual grounding
T Deruyttere, G Collell, MF Moens
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G Collell, MF Moens
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G Collell, T Zhang, MF Moens
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Learning visually grounded common sense spatial knowledge for implicit spatial language
G Collell Talleda, MF Moens
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Decoding language spatial relations to 2D spatial arrangements
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A Genetic Algorithm for Combining Visual and Textual Embeddings Evaluated on Attribute Recognition.
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Actividad cerebral y cognición: una conexión entre la termodinámica y la teoría de la información
JF Ars, G Collell, J Fauquet
DivulgaUAB, 2016
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