Sylwester Świątkiewicz
Sylwester Świątkiewicz
National Research Institue of Animal Production, Krakow-Balice, Poland
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1. Insects–a natural nutrient source for poultry–a review
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The usefulness of prebiotics and probiotics in modern poultry nutrition: A review/Przydatność prebiotyków i probiotyków w nowoczesnym żywieniu drobiu–przegląd
MN Alloui, W Szczurek, S Świątkiewicz
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The efficacy of organic minerals in poultry nutrition: review and implications of recent studies
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Chitosan and its oligosaccharide derivatives (chito‐oligosaccharides) as feed supplements in poultry and swine nutrition
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Phytase modulates ileal microbiota and enhances growth performance of the broiler chickens
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Comparison of the efficacies of a novel Aspergillus niger mycelium with separate and combined effectiveness of phytase, acid phosphatase, and pectinase in dephosphorylation of …
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Poultry Science 79 (10), 1434-1443, 2000
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