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Dr Iwan Cornelius
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Cytowane przez
A new silicon detector for microdosimetry applications in proton therapy
AB Rosenfeld, PD Bradley, I Cornelius, GI Kaplan, BJ Allen, JB Flanz, ...
IEEE Transactions on nuclear science 47 (4), 1386-1394, 2000
A cad interface for geant4
CM Poole, I Cornelius, JV Trapp, CM Langton
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D-IMRT verification with a 2D pixel ionization chamber: dosimetric and clinical results in head and neck cancer
M Stasi, S Giordanengo, R Cirio, A Boriano, F Bourhaleb, I Cornelius, ...
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Edge-on face-to-face MOSFET for synchrotron microbeam dosimetry: MC modeling
AB Rosenfeld, EA Siegbahn, E Brauer-Krish, A Holmes-Siedle, ...
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Energy spectra considerations for synchrotron radiotherapy trials on the ID17 bio-medical beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
JC Crosbie, P Fournier, S Bartzsch, M Donzelli, I Cornelius, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 22 (4), 1035-1041, 2015
Benchmarking and validation of a Geant4–SHADOW Monte Carlo simulation for dose calculations in microbeam radiation therapy
I Cornelius, S Guatelli, P Fournier, JC Crosbie, M Sanchez del Rio, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 21 (3), 518-528, 2014
The role of nonelastic reactions in absorbed dose distributions from therapeutic proton beams in different medium
AJ Wroe, IM Cornelius, AB Rosenfeld
Medical Physics 32 (1), 37-41, 2005
Neutron dosimetry with planar silicon pin diodes
AB Rosenfeld, M Yudelev, MLF Lerch, I Cornelius, P Griffin, ...
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Fast tessellated solid navigation in GEANT4
CM Poole, I Cornelius, JV Trapp, CM Langton
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A cylindrical silicon-on-insulator microdosimeter: Charge collection characteristics
AL Ziebell, WH Lim, MI Reinhard, I Cornelius, DA Prokopovich, R Siegele, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 55 (6), 3414-3420, 2008
Absorbed dose-to-water protocol applied to synchrotron-generated x-rays at very high dose rates
P Fournier, JC Crosbie, I Cornelius, P Berkvens, M Donzelli, AH Clavel, ...
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Solid state microdosimetry in hadron therapy
A B. Rosenfled, P D. Bradley, I Cornelius, B J. Allen, M Zaider, ...
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Miniature semiconductor detectors for in vivo dosimetry
AB Rosenfeld, D Cutajar, MLF Lerch, G Takacs, IM Cornelius, M Yudelev, ...
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Comparison of phantom materials for use in quality assurance of microbeam radiation therapy
M Cameron, I Cornelius, D Cutajar, J Davis, A Rosenfeld, M Lerch, ...
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Radiotherapy Monte Carlo simulation using cloud computing technology
CM Poole, I Cornelius, JV Trapp, CM Langton
Australasian physical & engineering sciences in medicine 35, 497-502, 2012
Ion beam induced charge characterisation of a silicon microdosimeter using a heavy ion microprobe
I Cornelius, R Siegele, AB Rosenfeld, DD Cohen
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2002
LET dependence of the charge collection efficiency of silicon microdosimeters
IM Cornelius, AB Rosenfeld, R Siegele, DD Cohen
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 50 (6), 2373-2379, 2003
X-Tream quality assurance in synchrotron X-ray microbeam radiation therapy
P Fournier, I Cornelius, M Donzelli, H Requardt, C Nemoz, M Petasecca, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 23 (5), 1180-1190, 2016
Geant4 simulation of the CERN-EU high-energy reference field (CERF) facility
DA Prokopovich, MI Reinhard, IM Cornelius, AB Rosenfeld
Radiation protection dosimetry 141 (2), 106-113, 2010
X-Tream dosimetry of highly brilliant X-ray microbeams in the MRT hutch of the Australian Synchrotron
P Fournier, I Cornelius, A Dipuglia, M Cameron, JA Davis, A Cullen, ...
Radiation Measurements 106, 405-411, 2017
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