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Adel Mesbah
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From Hydrated Ni3(OH)2(C8H4O4)2(H2O)4 to Anhydrous Ni2(OH)2(C8H4O4): Impact of Structural Transformations on Magnetic Properties
A Mesbah, P Rabu, R Sibille, S Lebègue, T Mazet, B Malaman, ...
Inorganic chemistry 53 (2), 872-881, 2014
Iron in carbonate containing AFm phases
BZ Dilnesa, B Lothenbach, G Le Saout, G Renaudin, A Mesbah, ...
Cement and Concrete Research 41 (3), 311-323, 2011
Crystal structure of Kuzel's salt 3CaO· Al2O3· 1/2CaSO4· 1/2CaCl2· 11H2O determined by synchrotron powder diffraction
A Mesbah, M François, C Cau-dit-Coumes, F Frizon, Y Filinchuk, F Leroux, ...
Cement and Concrete Research, 2011
Investigation of magnesium phosphate cement hydration in diluted suspension and its retardation by boric acid
H Lahalle, CCD Coumes, A Mesbah, D Lambertin, C Cannes, S Delpech, ...
Cement and Concrete Research 87, 77-86, 2016
Uptake of chloride and carbonate ions by calcium monosulfoaluminate hydrate
A Mesbah, C Cau-dit-Coumes, G Renaudin, F Frizon, F Leroux
Cement and Concrete Research 42 (8), 1157-1165, 2012
Monoclinic Form of the Rhabdophane Compounds: REEPO4· 0.667 H2O
A Mesbah, N Clavier, E Elkaim, C Gausse, IB Kacem, S Szenknect, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 14 (10), 5090-5098, 2014
Inhibitors for magnesium corrosion: metal organic frameworks
A Mesbah, C Juers, F Lacouture, S Mathieu, E Rocca, M François, ...
Solid State Sciences 9 (3-4), 322-328, 2007
Ab initio crystal structure of nickel (II) hydroxy-terephthalate by synchrotron powder diffraction and magnetic study
A Carton, A Mesbah, T Mazet, F Porcher, M François
Solid state sciences 9 (6), 465-471, 2007
Thermodynamics of formation of coffinite, USiO4
X Guo, S Szenknect, A Mesbah, S Labs, N Clavier, C Poinssot, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (21), 6551-6555, 2015
Multiparametric Dissolution of Thorium–Cerium Dioxide Solid Solutions
L Claparede, N Clavier, N Dacheux, A Mesbah, J Martinez, S Szenknect, ...
Inorganic chemistry 50 (22), 11702-11714, 2011
Thorough analysis of silicon substitution in biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramics: A multi-technique study
S Gomes, G Renaudin, A Mesbah, E Jallot, C Bonhomme, F Babonneau, ...
Acta Biomaterialia 6 (8), 3264-3274, 2010
A New Investigation of the Cl−–CO32− Substitution in AFm Phases
A Mesbah, C Cau‐dit‐Coumes, F Frizon, F Leroux, J Ravaux, G Renaudin
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 94 (6), 1901-1910, 2011
Monazite, rhabdophane, xenotime & churchite: Vibrational spectroscopy of gadolinium phosphate polymorphs
N Clavier, A Mesbah, S Szenknect, N Dacheux
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 205, 85-94, 2018
Swelling induced by alpha decay in monazite and zirconolite ceramics: a XRD and TEM comparative study
X Deschanels, AM Seydoux-Guillaume, V Magnin, A Mesbah, M Tribet, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 448 (1-3), 184-194, 2014
Crystal Structures and Phase Transition of Cementitious Bi‐Anionic AFm‐(Cl−, CO32−) Compounds
A Mesbah, JP Rapin, M François, C Cau‐dit‐Coumes, F Frizon, F Leroux, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 94 (1), 261-268, 2011
Determination of the Solubility of Rhabdophanes LnPO4· 0.667 H2O (Ln= La to Dy)
C Gausse, S Szenknect, DW Qin, A Mesbah, N Clavier, S Neumeier, ...
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2016 (28), 4615-4630, 2016
Phase separation and crystallization effects on the structure and durability of molybdenum borosilicate glass
E Nicoleau, S Schuller, F Angeli, T Charpentier, P Jollivet, A Le Gac, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 427, 120-133, 2015
In pursuit of the rhabdophane crystal structure: from the hydrated monoclinic LnPO4.0.667H2O to the hexagonal LnPO4 (Ln = Nd, Sm, Gd, Eu and Dy)
A Mesbah, N Clavier, E Elkaim, S Szenknect, N Dacheux
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 249, 221-227, 2017
Coffinite, USiO4, Is Abundant in Nature: So Why Is It So Difficult To Synthesize?
A Mesbah, S Szenknect, N Clavier, J Lozano-Rodriguez, C Poinssot, ...
Inorganic chemistry 54 (14), 6687-6696, 2015
Crystal structures of Boro-AFm and sBoro-AFt phases
JB Champenois, A Mesbah, CCD Coumes, G Renaudin, F Leroux, ...
Cement and Concrete Research 42 (10), 1362-1370, 2012
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