Kaushik Ghosh
Kaushik Ghosh
Professor, IIT Roorkee
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Evaluation of a Schiff base copper complex compound as potent anticancer molecule with multiple targets of action
A Chakraborty, P Kumar, K Ghosh, P Roy
European journal of pharmacology 647 (1-3), 1-12, 2010
In vitro evaluation of the cytotoxic, anti-proliferative and anti-oxidant properties of pterostilbene isolated from Pterocarpus marsupium
A Chakraborty, N Gupta, K Ghosh, P Roy
Toxicology in vitro 24 (4), 1215-1228, 2010
Reactions of NO with Mn (II) and Mn (III) centers coordinated to carboxamido nitrogen: synthesis of a manganese nitrosyl with photolabile NO
K Ghosh, AA Eroy-Reveles, B Avila, TR Holman, MM Olmstead, ...
Inorganic chemistry 43 (9), 2988-2997, 2004
Synthesis and reactivity studies on new copper (II) complexes: DNA binding, generation of phenoxyl radical, SOD and nuclease activities
K Ghosh, P Kumar, N Tyagi, UP Singh, V Aggarwal, MC Baratto
European journal of medicinal chemistry 45 (9), 3770-3779, 2010
Spectroscopic and biochemical characterization of heme binding to yeast Dap1p and mouse PGRMC1p
K Ghosh, AM Thompson, RA Goldbeck, X Shi, S Whitman, E Oh, Z Zhiwu, ...
Biochemistry 44 (50), 16729-16736, 2005
Stabilization of Mn (II) and Mn (III) in mononuclear complexes derived from tridentate ligands with N2O donors: Synthesis, crystal structure, superoxide dismutase activity and …
K Ghosh, N Tyagi, P Kumar, UP Singh, N Goel
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 104 (1), 9-18, 2010
Fluorescence spectral studies on interaction of fluorescent probes with Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)
K Ghosh, S Rathi, D Arora
Journal of Luminescence 175, 135-140, 2016
Nuclease activity via self-activation and anticancer activity of a mononuclear copper (II) complex: Novel role of the tertiary butyl group in the ligand frame
K Ghosh, P Kumar, V Mohan, UP Singh, S Kasiri, SS Mandal
Inorganic chemistry 51 (6), 3343-3345, 2012
Long term induction by pterostilbene results in autophagy and cellular differentiation in MCF-7 cells via ROS dependent pathway
A Chakraborty, N Bodipati, MK Demonacos, R Peddinti, K Ghosh, P Roy
Molecular and cellular endocrinology 355 (1), 25-40, 2012
Oxidative Cyclization of a phenolic schiff base and synthesis of a cyclometalated ruthenium nitrosyl complex: photoinduced NO release by visible light
K Ghosh, S Kumar, R Kumar, UP Singh, N Goel
Inorganic chemistry 49 (16), 7235-7237, 2010
Synthesis, crystal structure and DNA interaction studies on mononuclear zinc complexes
K Ghosh, P Kumar, N Tyagi
Inorganica Chimica Acta 375 (1), 77-83, 2011
Novel diphenoxo-bridged dinuclear zinc complexes: generation of phenoxyl-radical species and nuclease activity
K Ghosh, P Kumar, N Tyagi, UP Singh
Inorganic chemistry 49 (17), 7614-7616, 2010
DNA interaction, superoxide scavenging and cytotoxicity studies on new copper (II) complexes derived from a tridentate ligand
K Ghosh, P Kumar, N Tyagi, UP Singh, N Goel, A Chakraborty, P Roy, ...
Polyhedron 30 (16), 2667-2677, 2011
Reductive nitrosylation and proton-assisted bridge splitting of a (μ-oxo) dimanganese (III) complex derived from a polypyridine ligand with one carboxamide group
K Ghosh, AA Eroy-Reveles, MM Olmstead, PK Mascharak
Inorganic chemistry 44 (23), 8469-8475, 2005
Metallacycle expansion by alkyne insertion. Chemistry of a new family of ruthenium organometallics
K Ghosh, S Pattanayak, A Chakravorty
Organometallics 17 (10), 1956-1960, 1998
Syntheses, structures and properties of ruthenium complexes of tridentate ligands: isolation and characterization of a rare example of ruthenium nitrosyl complex containing …
K Ghosh, R Kumar, S Kumar, JS Meena
Dalton Transactions 42 (37), 13444-13452, 2013
Synthesis, structural characterization and DNA interaction studies on a mononuclear copper complex: Nuclease activity via self-activation
K Ghosh, P Kumar, N Tyagi, UP Singh, N Goel
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 14 (3), 489-492, 2011
Chemistry of a new family of aryl ruthenium species incorporating α-diimine chelation and a pendant imine-phenol function
BK Panda, K Ghosh, S Chattopadhyay, A Chakravorty
Journal of organometallic chemistry 674 (1-2), 107-115, 2003
Photocleavage of coordinated NO under visible light from two different classes of organometallic ruthenium nitrosyl complexes: reversible binding of phenolato function
K Ghosh, S Kumar, R Kumar, UP Singh, N Goel
Organometallics 30 (9), 2498-2505, 2011
Isonitrile Insertion into the Ru− O Bond and Migratory C− C Bond Formation. Novel Organoruthenium Imidic Ester and Acyl Species
BK Panda, S Chattopadhyay, K Ghosh, A Chakravorty
Organometallics 21 (13), 2773-2780, 2002
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