Aleksander Balter
Aleksander Balter
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Correction of timing errors in photomultiplier tubes used in phase-modulation fluorometry
JR Lakowicz, H Cherek, A Balter
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Rotational freedom of tryptophan residues in proteins and peptides
JR Lakowicz, B Maliwal, H Cherek, A Balter
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Some remarks on the interpretation of the spectral properties of prodan
A Balter, W Nowak, W Pawelkiewicz, A Kowalczyk
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JR Lakowicz, A Balter
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Synthesis and Characterization of a Fluorescence Probe of the Phase Transition and Dynamic Properties of Membranes
JR Lakowicz, DR Bevan, BP Maliwal, H Cherek, A Balter
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On the possibility of fluorescence from twisted intramolecular charge transfer states of 2-dimethylamino-6-acylnaphthalenes. A quantum-chemical study
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RK Bauer, A Balter
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JR Lakowicz, A Balter
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Acta Physica Polonica A 116, S156-S159, 2009
Anisotropic reorientation of perylene and 3, 9-dibromoperylene in glycerol: fluorescence anisotropy decay and quantum-mechanical study
J Szubiakowski, A Balter, W Nowak, A Kowalczyk, K Wisniewski, ...
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Detection of the reversibility of an excited-state reaction by phase-modulation fluorometry
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Nanomechanics of new materials—AFM and computer modelling studies of trichoptera silk
J Strzelecki, J Strzelecka, K Mikulska, M Tszydel, A Balter, W Nowak
Open Physics 9 (2), 482-491, 2011
On the relation between phase-modulation and pulse fluorometry: Analysis of multiexponential fluorescence decays
A Balter
Optics Communications 42 (6), 407-410, 1982
Effect of ampicillin on adhesive properties of bacteria examined by atomic force microscopy
D Laskowski, J Strzelecki, K Pawlak, H Dahm, A Balter
Micron 112, 84-90, 2018
Mechanical transition in a highly stretched and torsionally constrained DNA
J Strzelecki, L Peplowski, R Lenartowski, W Nowak, A Balter
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Fluorescence probes of viscosity: A comparative study of the fluorescence anisotropy decay of perylene and 3, 9-dibromoperylene in glycerol
A Balter, J Szubiakowski
Journal of fluorescence 3 (4), 247-249, 1993
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