Christoph T. Koch
Christoph T. Koch
Department of Physics, Humboldt University of Berlin
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Cytowane przez
Determination of core structure periodicity and point defect density along dislocations
CT Koch
PhDT, 2002
Band-gap measurements of direct and indirect semiconductors using monochromated electrons
L Gu, V Srot, W Sigle, C Koch, P van Aken, F Scholz, SB Thapa, ...
Physical Review B 75 (19), 195214, 2007
Direct imaging of surface plasmon resonances on single triangular silver nanoprisms at optical wavelength using low-loss EFTEM imaging
J Nelayah, L Gu, W Sigle, CT Koch, I Pastoriza-Santos, LM Liz-Marzán, ...
Optics letters 34 (7), 1003-1005, 2009
A flux-preserving non-linear inline holography reconstruction algorithm for partially coherent electrons
CT Koch
Ultramicroscopy 108 (2), 141-150, 2008
Resonant wedge-plasmon modes in single-crystalline gold nanoplatelets
L Gu, W Sigle, CT Koch, B Ögüt, PA van Aken, N Talebi, R Vogelgesang, ...
Physical Review B 83 (19), 195433, 2011
Confined and chemically flexible grain boundaries in polycrystalline compound semiconductors
D Abou‐Ras, SS Schmidt, R Caballero, T Unold, HW Schock, CT Koch, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 2 (8), 992-998, 2012
SESAM: exploring the frontiers of electron microscopy
CT Koch, W Sigle, R Höschen, M Rühle, E Essers, G Benner, M Matijevic
Microscopy and Microanalysis 12 (6), 506, 2006
An efficient, simple, and precise way to map strain with nanometer resolution in semiconductor devices
CT Koch, VB Özdöl, PA van Aken
Applied Physics Letters 96 (9), 091901, 2010
Intergranular glassy films: An overview
A Subramaniam, CT Koch, RM Cannon, M Rühle
Materials Science and Engineering: A 422 (1-2), 3-18, 2006
Off-axis and inline electron holography: A quantitative comparison
CT Koch, A Lubk
Ultramicroscopy 110 (5), 460-471, 2010
Hybridized metal slit eigenmodes as an illustration of Babinet’s principle
B Ögüt, R Vogelgesang, W Sigle, N Talebi, CT Koch, PA van Aken
Acs Nano 5 (8), 6701-6706, 2011
Towards full-resolution inline electron holography
CT Koch
Micron 63, 69-75, 2014
Off-axis and inline electron holography: Experimental comparison
T Latychevskaia, P Formanek, CT Koch, A Lubk
Ultramicroscopy 110 (5), 472-482, 2010
Electron energy losses in Ag nanoholes—from localized surface plasmon resonances to rings of fire
W Sigle, J Nelayah, CT Koch, PA van Aken
Optics letters 34 (14), 2150-2152, 2009
Published (Erschienen)
D Abou-Ras, CT Koch, V Küstner, PA Van Aken, U Jahn, MA Contreras, ...
Thin Solid Films 517, 2545-2549, 2009
Quantitative analysis of layering and in-plane structural ordering at an alumina–aluminum solid–liquid interface
Y Kauffmann, SH Oh, CT Koch, A Hashibon, C Scheu, M Rühle, ...
Acta materialia 59 (11), 4378-4386, 2011
Method for retrieval of the three-dimensional object potential by inversion of dynamical electron scattering
W Van den Broek, CT Koch
Physical review letters 109 (24), 245502, 2012
Iterative phase retrieval without support
JS Wu, U Weierstall, JCH Spence, CT Koch
Optics letters 29 (23), 2737-2739, 2004
Wedge Dyakonov Waves and Dyakonov Plasmons in Topological Insulator Bi2Se3 Probed by Electron Beams
N Talebi, C Ozsoy-Keskinbora, HM Benia, K Kern, CT Koch, PA Van Aken
ACS nano 10 (7), 6988-6994, 2016
Aberration-compensated large-angle rocking-beam electron diffraction
CT Koch
Ultramicroscopy 111 (7), 828-840, 2011
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