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Àngel Galobart
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Neck function and predatory behavior in the scimitar toothed cat Homotherium latidens (Owen)
M Antón, À Galobart
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 19 (4), 771-784, 1999
Co-existence of scimitar-toothed cats, lions and hominins in the European Pleistocene. Implications of the post-cranial anatomy of Homotherium latidens (Owen) for comparative …
M Antón, A Galobart, A Turner
Quaternary Science Reviews 24 (10-11), 1287-1301, 2005
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V Riera, O Oms, R Gaete, À Galobart
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O Oms, J Dinarès-Turell, E Vicens, R Estrada, B Vila, À Galobart, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 255 (1-2), 35-47, 2007
High-resolution LiDAR and photogrammetric survey of the Fumanya dinosaur tracksites (Catalonia): implications for the conservation and interpretation of geological heritage sites
KT Bates, F Rarity, PL Manning, D Hodgetts, B Vila, O Oms, A Galobart, ...
Journal of the Geological Society 165 (1), 115-127, 2008
New insights on the Permian and Triassic vertebrates from the Iberian Peninsula with emphasis on the Pyrenean and Catalonian basins
J Fortuny, A Bolet, AG Sellés, J Cartanyà, À Galobart
Journal of Iberian Geology 37 (1), 65-86, 2011
Hadrosauroid dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous of Spain: Pararhabdodon isonensis revisited and Koutalisaurus kohlerorum, gen. et sp. nov.
A Prieto-Marquez, R Gaete, G Rivas, Á Galobart, M Boada
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Diversity, relationships, and biogeography of the lambeosaurine dinosaurs from the European Archipelago, with description of the new aralosaurin Canardia garonnensis
A Prieto-Márquez, FM Dalla Vecchia, R Gaete, À Galobart
PLoS One 8 (7), e69835, 2013
Intra-trackway morphological variations due to substrate consistency: the El Frontal dinosaur tracksite (Lower Cretaceous, Spain)
NL Razzolini, B Vila, D Castanera, PL Falkingham, JL Barco, JI Canudo, ...
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Temnospondyli bite club: ecomorphological patterns of the most diverse group of early tetrapods
J Fortuny, J Marcé‐Nogué, S De Esteban‐trivigno, L Gil, À Galobart
Journal of evolutionary biology 24 (9), 2040-2054, 2011
The diversity of sauropod dinosaurs and their first taxonomic succession from the latest Cretaceous of southwestern Europe: clues to demise and extinction
B Vila, À Galobart, JI Canudo, J Le Loeuff, J Dinarès-Turell, V Riera, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 350, 19-38, 2012
Manus track preservation bias as a key factor for assessing trackmaker identity and quadrupedalism in basal ornithopods
D Castanera, B Vila, NL Razzolini, PL Falkingham, JI Canudo, ...
PloS one 8 (1), e54177, 2013
3-D modelling of megaloolithid clutches: insights about nest construction and dinosaur behaviour
B Vila, FD Jackson, J Fortuny, AG Sellés, À Galobart
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La sucesión de micromamíferos en el complejo cárstico de Casablanca (Almenara, Castellón): problemática biogeográfica
J Agusti, À Galobart
Paleontologia i evolució 20, 57-62, 1986
Manus‐only titanosaurid trackway from Fumanya (Maastrichtian, Pyrenees): further evidence for an underprint origin
B Vila, O Oms, À Galobart
Lethaia 38 (3), 211-218, 2005
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Dinosaur eggs in the Upper Cretaceous of the Coll de Nargó area, Lleida Province, south-central Pyrenees, Spain: Oodiversity, biostratigraphy and their implications
AG Sellés, AM Bravo, X Delclòs, F Colombo, X Martí, J Ortega-Blanco, ...
Cretaceous Research 40, 10-20, 2013
3D Bite Modeling and Feeding Mechanics of the Largest Living Amphibian, the Chinese Giant Salamander Andrias davidianus (Amphibia:Urodela)
J Fortuny, J Marce-Nogue, E Heiss, M Sanchez, L Gil, À Galobart
PLoS One 10 (4), e0121885, 2015
The upper Maastrichtian dinosaur fossil record from the southern Pyrenees and its contribution to the topic of the Cretaceous–Palaeogene mass extinction event
JI Canudo, O Oms, B Vila, A Galobart, V Fondevilla, E Puértolas-Pascual, ...
Cretaceous Research 57, 540-551, 2016
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