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More than smell—COVID-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis
V Parma, K Ohla, MG Veldhuizen, MY Niv, CE Kelly, AJ Bakke, ...
Chemical Senses 45 (7), 609-622, 2020
COVID-19 and the chemical senses: supporting players take center stage
KW Cooper, DH Brann, MC Farruggia, S Bhutani, R Pellegrino, ...
Neuron, 2020
Coronaviruses and the Chemical Senses: Past, Present, and Future
R Pellegrino, KW Cooper, A Di Pizio, PV Joseph, S Bhutani, V Parma
COVID-19 Research, 2020
Habituation and adaptation to odors in humans
R Pellegrino, C Sinding, RA De Wijk, T Hummel
Physiology & behavior 177, 13-19, 2017
A review of motivational models for improving hand hygiene among an increasingly diverse food service workforce
R Pellegrino, PG Crandall, CA O'Bryan, HS Seo
Food Control 50, 446-456, 2015
Bimodal odor processing with a trigeminal component at sub-and suprathreshold levels
R Pellegrino, E Drechsler, C Hummel, J Warr, T Hummel
Neuroscience 363, 43-49, 2017
Investigation of chemosensitivity during and after an acute cold
R Pellegrino, U Walliczek‐Dworschak, G Winter, D Hull, T Hummel
International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology 7 (2), 185-191, 2017
Dietary customs and food availability shape the preferences for basic tastes: A cross-cultural study among Polish, Tsimane'and Hadza societies
A Sorokowska, R Pellegrino, M Butovskaya, M Marczak, A Niemczyk, ...
Appetite 116, 291-296, 2017
Hand washing and disgust response to handling different food stimuli between two different cultures
R Pellegrino, PG Crandall, HS Seo
Food Research International 76, 301-308, 2015
Using olfaction and unpleasant reminders to reduce the intention-behavior gap in hand washing
R Pellegrino, PG Crandall, HS Seo
Scientific reports 6, 18890, 2016
Effects of background sound on consumers’ sensory discriminatory ability among foods
R Pellegrino, CR Luckett, SE Shinn, S Mayfield, K Gude, A Rhea, HS Seo
Food quality and preference 43, 71-78, 2015
Olfactory function in patients with hyposmia compared to healthy subjects-An fMRI study.
R Pellegrino, A Haehner, V Bojanowski, C Hummel, J Gerber, T Hummel
Rhinology 54 (4), 374, 2016
Chemical complexity of odors increases reliability of olfactory threshold testing
A Oleszkiewicz, R Pellegrino, K Pusch, C Margot, T Hummel
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-5, 2017
Effectiveness of olfactory training on different severities of posttraumatic loss of smell
R Pellegrino, P Han, N Reither, T Hummel
The Laryngoscope 129 (8), 1737-1743, 2019
Continuous positive air pressure improves orthonasal olfactory function of patients with obstructive sleep apnea
U Walliczek-Dworschak, W Cassel, L Mittendorf, R Pellegrino, U Koehler, ...
Sleep Medicine 34, 24-29, 2017
Time frequency analysis of olfactory induced EEG-power change
VA Schriever, P Han, S Weise, F Hösel, R Pellegrino, T Hummel
PloS one 12 (10), e0185596, 2017
The human sense of olfaction
U Walliczek-Dworschak, T Hummel
Facial Plastic Surgery 33 (04), 396-404, 2017
Sensitivity to viscosity changes and subsequent estimates of satiety across different senses
R Pellegrino, JD Jones, GE Shupe, CR Luckett
Appetite 133, 101-106, 2019
Electro-olfactograms in humans in response to ortho-and retronasal chemosensory stimulation
T Hummel, HS Seo, R Pellegrino, S Heilmann
Chemosensory perception 10 (4), 114-118, 2017
Chemosensory function before and after multimodal treatment in chronic rhinosinusitis patients
U Walliczek‐Dworschak, R Pellegrino, F Taube, CA Mueller, BA Stuck, ...
The Laryngoscope 128 (3), E86-E90, 2018
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