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Genome sequencing of normal cells reveals developmental lineages and mutational processes
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Transcriptional diversity during lineage commitment of human blood progenitors
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SMIM1 underlies the Vel blood group and influences red blood cell traits
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Estimating the Distribution of Selection Coefficients from Phylogenetic Data Using Sitewise Mutation-Selection Models
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Alignment modulates ancestral sequence reconstruction accuracy
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PCR master mixes harbour murine DNA sequences. Caveat emptor!
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Charting the host adaptation of influenza viruses
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ArchSchema: a tool for interactive graphing of related Pfam domain architectures
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Effectiveness of rapid SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing in supporting infection control for hospital-onset COVID-19 infection: Multicentre, prospective study
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ALVIS: interactive non-aggregative visualization and explorative analysis of multiple sequence alignments
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A mutation–selection model of protein evolution under persistent positive selection
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Treesub: annotating ancestral substitutions on a tree
AU Tamuri
https://github.com/tamuri/treesub, 2013
Estimating the health burden of road traffic injuries in Malawi using an individual-based model
R Manning Smith, V Cambiano, T Colbourn, JH Collins, M Graham, ...
Injury epidemiology 9 (1), 21, 2022
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