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Kin Chung Fong
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Cytowane przez
Observation of the Dirac fluid and the breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz law in graphene
J Crossno, JK Shi, K Wang, X Liu, A Harzheim, A Lucas, S Sachdev, ...
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Transport in inhomogeneous quantum critical fluids and in the Dirac fluid in graphene
A Lucas, J Crossno, KC Fong, P Kim, S Sachdev
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Ultrasensitive and Wide-Bandwidth Thermal Measurements of Graphene<? format?> at Low Temperatures
KC Fong, KC Schwab
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DJE Marsh, KC Fong, EW Lentz, L Šmejkal, MN Ali
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GH Lee, DK Efetov, W Jung, L Ranzani, ED Walsh, TA Ohki, T Taniguchi, ...
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Measurement of the Electronic Thermal Conductance Channels<? format?> and Heat Capacity of Graphene at Low Temperature
KC Fong, EE Wollman, H Ravi, W Chen, AA Clerk, MD Shaw, HG Leduc, ...
Physical Review X 3 (4), 041008, 2013
Evidence of higher-order topology in multilayer WTe2 from Josephson coupling through anisotropic hinge states
YB Choi, Y Xie, CZ Chen, J Park, SB Song, J Yoon, BJ Kim, T Taniguchi, ...
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Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2021 (08), 066, 2021
Fast thermal relaxation in cavity-coupled graphene bolometers with a Johnson noise read-out
DK Efetov, RJ Shiue, Y Gao, B Skinner, ED Walsh, H Choi, J Zheng, ...
Nature nanotechnology 13 (9), 797-801, 2018
Asymmetric Josephson effect in inversion symmetry breaking topological materials
CZ Chen, JJ He, MN Ali, GH Lee, KC Fong, KT Law
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Josephson junction infrared single-photon detector
ED Walsh, W Jung, GH Lee, DK Efetov, BI Wu, KF Huang, TA Ohki, ...
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Development of high frequency and wide bandwidth Johnson noise thermometry
J Crossno, X Liu, TA Ohki, P Kim, KC Fong
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Magic-angle bilayer graphene nanocalorimeters: toward broadband, energy-resolving single photon detection
P Seifert, X Lu, P Stepanov, JR Durán Retamal, JN Moore, KC Fong, ...
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Magnetization reversal in an individual 25 nm iron-filled carbon nanotube
P Banerjee, F Wolny, DV Pelekhov, MR Herman, KC Fong, U Weissker, ...
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The effect of spin transport on spin lifetime in nanoscale systems
J Cardellino, N Scozzaro, M Herman, AJ Berger, C Zhang, KC Fong, ...
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Real time cantilever signal frequency determination using digital signal processing
Y Obukhov, KC Fong, D Daughton, PC Hammel
Journal of applied physics 101 (3), 2007
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