Antek Tokarski
Antek Tokarski
Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Geological Sciences
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Crustal and upper mantle structure of the Western Carpathians from CELEBRATION 2000 profiles CEL01 and CEL04: seismic models and geological implications
P Środa, W Czuba, M Grad, A Guterch, AK Tokarski, T Janik, M Rauch, ...
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E Márton, L Mastella, AK Tokarski
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part A: Solid Earth and Geodesy 24 (8 …, 1999
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T Świerczewska
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E Márton, J Grabowski, AK Tokarski, I Túnyi
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S Mastella, Zuchiewicz, Tokarski, Rubinkiewicz, Leonowicz
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Quaternary exhumation of the Carpathians: a record from the Orava-Nowy Targ Intramontane Basin, Western Carpathians (Poland and Slovakia)
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AK Tokarski
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Neotectonic rotations in the Orava-Nowy Targ Intramontane Basin (Western Carpathians): An integrated palaeomagnetic and fractured clasts study
K Tokarski, Marton, Świerczewska, Fheed, Zasadni
Tectonophysics 685, 35-43, 2016
On the age of fossil flora from Barton Peninsula, King George Island, West Antarctica
Z Tokarski, Danowski
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AK Tokarski
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‘Non‐European’palaeomagnetic directions from the Carpathian Foredeep at the southern margin of the European plate
E Márton, AK Tokarski, O Krejčí, M Rauch, B Olszewska, ...
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Dyke swarms as stress indicators: Two constrains
AK Tokarski
Mafic dykes and emplacement mechanisms A.J. Parker, P.C. Rickwood & D.H …, 1990
Fractured clasts in the Domanski Wierch series: Contribution to structural evolution of the Orawa Basin (Carpathians, southern Poland) during Neogene through Quaternary times
AK Tokarski, W Zuchiewicz
Przeglad Geologiczny 46, 62-66, 1998
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