Krzysztof Fiok
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Neural decoding of EEG signals with machine learning: A systematic review
M Saeidi, W Karwowski, FV Farahani, K Fiok, R Taiar, PA Hancock, ...
Brain Sciences 11 (11), 1525, 2021
Explainable artificial intelligence for education and training
K Fiok, FV Farahani, W Karwowski, T Ahram
The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation 19 (2), 133-144, 2022
Controlling safety of artificial intelligence-based systems in healthcare
MR Davahli, W Karwowski, K Fiok, T Wan, HR Parsaei
Symmetry 13 (1), 102, 2021
Analysis of sentiment in tweets addressed to a single domain-specific Twitter account: Comparison of model performance and explainability of predictions
K Fiok, W Karwowski, E Gutierrez, M Wilamowski
Expert Systems with Applications 186, 115771, 2021
Text guide: improving the quality of long text classification by a text selection method based on feature importance
K Fiok, W Karwowski, E Gutierrez-Franco, MR Davahli, M Wilamowski, ...
IEEE Access 9, 105439-105450, 2021
Optimizing COVID-19 vaccine distribution across the United States using deterministic and stochastic recurrent neural networks
MR Davahli, W Karwowski, K Fiok
Plos one 16 (7), e0253925, 2021
Predicting the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States using graph theory-based neural networks
MR Davahli, K Fiok, W Karwowski, AM Aljuaid, R Taiar
International journal of environmental research and public health 18 (7), 3834, 2021
A Study of the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Experience of Back Pain Reported on Twitter® in the United States: A Natural Language Processing …
K Fiok, W Karwowski, E Gutierrez, M Saeidi, AM Aljuaid, MR Davahli, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (09), 4543, 2021
Identification and prediction of human behavior through mining of unstructured textual data
MR Davahli, W Karwowski, E Gutierrez, K Fiok, G Wróbel, R Taiar, ...
Symmetry 12 (11), 1902, 2020
Comparing the quality and speed of sentence classification with modern language models
K Fiok, W Karwowski, E Gutierrez, M Reza-Davahli
Applied Sciences 10 (10), 3386, 2020
Explainable AI: A review of applications to neuroimaging data
FV Farahani, K Fiok, B Lahijanian, W Karwowski, PK Douglas
Frontiers in Neuroscience 16, 906290, 2022
Decoding task-based fMRI data with graph neural networks, considering individual differences
M Saeidi, W Karwowski, FV Farahani, K Fiok, PA Hancock, BD Sawyer, ...
Brain Sciences 12 (8), 1094, 2022
Optimizing the lever propelling system for manual wheelchairs
W Choromański, K Fiok, G Dobrzyński
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences Technical Sciences, 793-800-793-800, 2012
Predicting the volume of response to tweets posted by a single Twitter account
K Fiok, W Karwowski, E Gutierrez, T Ahram
Symmetry 12 (6), 1054, 2020
Analysis of human behavior by mining textual data: current research topics and analytical techniques
E Gutierrez, W Karwowski, K Fiok, MR Davahli, T Liciaga, T Ahram
Symmetry 13 (7), 1276, 2021
Physiological parameters depending on two different types of manual wheelchair propulsion
J Marszałek, A Kosmol, A Mroz, I Wiszomirska, K Fiok, B Molik
Assistive Technology 32 (5), 229-235, 2020
Convolutional neural networks–based image analysis for the detection and quantification of neutrophil extracellular traps
A Manda-Handzlik, K Fiok, A Cieloch, E Heropolitanska-Pliszka, ...
Cells 9 (2), 508, 2020
The COVID-19 infection diffusion in the US and Japan: A graph-theoretical approach
MR Davahli, W Karwowski, K Fiok, A Murata, N Sapkota, FV Farahani, ...
Biology 11 (1), 125, 2022
Automated classification of evidence of respect in the communication through twitter
K Fiok, W Karwowski, E Gutierrez, T Liciaga, A Belmonte, R Capobianco
Applied Sciences 11 (3), 1294, 2021
The Chaotic Behavior of the Spread of Infection during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan
N Sapkota, A Murata, W Karwowski, MR Davahli, K Fiok, AM Aljuaid, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 19 (19), 12804, 2022
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