Emmanuel Trouche
Emmanuel Trouche
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
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Cytowane przez
Arguments, more than confidence, explain the good performance of reasoning groups.
E Trouche, E Sander, H Mercier
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 143 (5), 1958, 2014
The selective laziness of reasoning
E Trouche, P Johansson, L Hall, H Mercier
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Natural-born arguers: Teaching how to make the best of our reasoning abilities
H Mercier, M Boudry, F Paglieri, E Trouche
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Experts and laymen grossly underestimate the benefits of argumentation for reasoning
H Mercier, E Trouche, H Yama, C Heintz, V Girotto
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Argumentation and the diffusion of counter-intuitive beliefs.
N Claidière, E Trouche, H Mercier
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10 Why Don’t People Produce Better Arguments?
H Mercier, P Bonnier, E Trouche
Cognitive unconscious and human rationality, 205, 2016
Believing what you're told: Politeness and scalar inferences
D Mazzarella, E Trouche, H Mercier, I Noveck
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Vigilant conservatism in evaluating communicated information
E Trouche, P Johansson, L Hall, H Mercier
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Why Teach How Things Work? Tracking the Evolution of Children's Intuitions About Complexity.
E Trouche, A Chuey, K Lockhart, F Keil
CogSci, 2017
Does prestige affect us physiologically?: A study in an interactional context
L Cordonier, A Breton, E Trouche, JB Van der Henst
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Children Don't Just Wanna Have Fun: An Experimental Demonstration Of Children's Curiosity For How Things Work.
E Trouche, A Chuey, K Lockhart, F Keil
CogSci, 2018
Objective evaluation of demonstrative arguments
E Trouche, J Shao, H Mercier
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Le raisonnement comme competence sociale: Une comparaison expérimentale avec les théories intellectualistes
E Trouche
Université de Lyon, 2016
The neural bases of argumentative reasoning
J Prado, J Léone, J Epinat-Duclos, E Trouche, H Mercier
Brain and Language 208, 104827, 2020
What do embedded scalars reveal about pragmatic inference-making?
I Noveck, E Trouche, H Mercier
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