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Analysis and Use of the Emotional Context with Wearable Devices for Games and Intelligent Assistants
GJ Nalepa, K Kutt, B Giżycka, P Jemioło, S Bobek
Sensors 19 (11), 2509, 2019
Bandreader – a mobile application for data acquisition from wearable devices in affective computing experiments
K Kutt, GJ Nalepa, B Giżycka, P Jemiolo, M Adamczyk
2018 11th International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI), 42-48, 2018
Blockchain-Based Address Alias System
N Bodziony, P Jemioło, K Kluza, MR Ogiela
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research 16 (5), 1280 …, 2021
Prototypes of arcade games enabling affective interaction
P Jemioło, B Giżycka, GJ Nalepa
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: 18th International Conference …, 2019
BIRAFFE: Bio-Reactions and Faces for Emotion-based Personalization
K Kutt, D Drążyk, P Jemioło, S Bobek, B Giżycka, V Rodriguez Fernandez, ...
3rd Workshop on Affective Computing and Context Awareness in Ambient …, 2020
Psychological Interventions and Bariatric Surgery among People with Clinically Severe Obesity — A Systematic Review with Bayesian Meta-Analysis
D Storman, MJ Świerz, M Storman, KW Jasińska, P Jemioło, MM Bała
Nutrients 14 (8), 1592, 2022
Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19 Detection in Medical Imaging — Diagnostic Measures and Wasting — A Systematic Umbrella Review
P Jemioło, D Storman, P Orzechowski
Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (7), 2054, 2022
Efficacy and safety of transcranial magnetic stimulation for treating major depressive disorders: An umbrella review and re-analysis of published meta-analyses of randomised …
S Brini, NI Brudasca, A Hodkinson, K Kaluzinska, A Wach, D Storman, ...
Clinical Psychology Review, 102236, 2022
Business Process Recomposition as a Way to Redesign Workflows Effectively
P Wisniewski, K Kluza, P Jemioło, A Ligeza, A Suchenia
Emotion Elicitation with Stimuli Datasets in Automatic Affect Recognition Studies – Umbrella Review
P Jemioło, D Storman, B Giżycka, A Ligęza
IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 248-269, 2021
Quality Assessment of Systematic Reviews (QASR)
P Jemioło, D Storman
https://osf.io/dhtw3/, 2020
Datasets for Automated Affect and Emotion Recognition from Cardiovascular Signals Using Artificial Intelligence – A Systematic Review
P Jemioło, D Storman, M Mamica, M Szymkowski, W Żabicka, ...
Sensors 22 (7), 2538, 2022
Evaluation of Selected Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Innovative Business Intelligence Applications
A Ligęza, K Kluza, P Jemioło, D Sepioło, P Wiśniewski, K Jobczyk
International Conference On Systems Engineering, 111-126, 2021
EEG-based emotion recognition using convolutional neural networks
M Mamica, P Kapłon, P Jemioło
International Conference on Computational Science, 84-90, 2021
Explainable Artificial Intelligence. Model Discovery with Constraint Programming
A Ligęza, P Jemioło, WT Adrian, M Ślażyński, M Adrian, K Jobczyk, ...
Explaining predictions of the x-vector speaker age and gender classifier
D Kwaśny, P Jemioło, D Hemmerling
International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems, 234-243, 2021
Diagnosing COVID-19 from Medical Images with Artificial Intelligence – An Umbrella Survey
P Jemioło, D Storman, JH Moore, P Orzechowski
GBEx – towards Graph-Based Explainations
P Mróz, A Quemy, M Slazynski, K Kluza, P Jemioło
Automated Affect and Emotion Recognition from Cardiovascular Signals — A Systematic Overview Of The Field
P Jemioło, D Storman, M Mamica, M Szymkowski, P Orzechowski
Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2022
A Call For Better Methodological Quality Of Reviews On Using Artificial Intelligence For COVID-19 Detection In Medical Imaging — An Umbrella Systematic Review
P Jemioło, D Storman, P Orzechowski
medRxiv, 2021
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