Yifei He
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The EEG and fMRI signatures of neural integration: An investigation of meaningful gestures and corresponding speech
Y He, H Gebhardt, M Steines, G Sammer, T Kircher, A Nagels, B Straube
Neuropsychologia 72, 27-42, 2015
Supramodal neural processing of abstract information conveyed by speech and gesture
B Straube, Y He, M Steines, H Gebhardt, T Kircher, G Sammer, A Nagels
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 7, 120, 2013
Spatial–temporal dynamics of gesture–speech integration: a simultaneous EEG-fMRI study
Y He, M Steines, J Sommer, H Gebhardt, A Nagels, G Sammer, T Kircher, ...
Brain Structure and Function 223 (7), 3073-3089, 2018
Action-related speech modulates beta oscillations during observation of tool-use gestures
Y He, M Steines, G Sammer, A Nagels, T Kircher, B Straube
Brain topography 31 (5), 838-847, 2018
Interactive processing within and beyond sentence-level: An ERP investigation of simple and complex Chinese sentences
Y He
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 2015
The Missing Power: Language Mediates Sensorimotor-related Beta Oscillations during On-line Comprehension of Different Types of Co-speech Gesture
Y He, H Gebhardt, I Rondinone, B Straube
Unpublished, 2011
The connectivity signature of co-speech gesture integration: The superior temporal sulcus modulates connectivity between areas related to visual gesture and auditory speech …
B Straube, A Wroblewski, A Jansen, Y He
NeuroImage, 2018
The role of gamma oscillations during integration of metaphoric gestures and abstract speech
Y He, A Nagels, M Schlesewsky, B Straube
Frontiers in psychology 9, 1348, 2018
The facilitative effect of gestures on the neural processing of semantic complexity in a continuous narrative
P Cuevas, M Steines, Y He, A Nagels, J Culham, B Straube
NeuroImage 195, 38-47, 2019
Interactive processing within and beyond sentence-level: an ERP investigation of simple and complex Chinese sentences
Y He
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