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Characterization of Landsat-7 to Landsat-8 reflective wavelength and normalized difference vegetation index continuity
DP Roy, V Kovalskyy, HK Zhang, EF Vermote, L Yan, SS Kumar, A Egorov
Remote sensing of Environment 185, 57-70, 2016
Characterization of Sentinel-2A and Landsat-8 top of atmosphere, surface, and nadir BRDF adjusted reflectance and NDVI differences
HK Zhang, DP Roy, L Yan, Z Li, H Huang, E Vermote, S Skakun, ...
Remote sensing of environment 215, 482-494, 2018
Automated crop field extraction from multi-temporal Web Enabled Landsat Data
L Yan, DP Roy
Remote Sensing of Environment 144, 42-64, 2014
Conterminous United States crop field size quantification from multi-temporal Landsat data
L Yan, DP Roy
Remote Sensing of Environment 172, 67-86, 2016
Separability analysis of Sentinel-2A multi-spectral instrument (MSI) data for burned area discrimination
H Huang, DP Roy, L Boschetti, HK Zhang, L Yan, SS Kumar, ...
Remote Sensing 8 (10), 873, 2016
Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 burned area mapping-A combined sensor multi-temporal change detection approach
DP Roy, H Huang, L Boschetti, L Giglio, L Yan, HH Zhang, Z Li
Remote Sensing of Environment 231, 111254, 2019
An automated approach for sub-pixel registration of Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Sentinel-2 Multi Spectral Instrument (MSI) imagery
L Yan, DP Roy, H Zhang, J Li, H Huang
Remote Sensing 8 (6), 520, 2016
Landslide mapping from aerial photographs using change detection-based Markov random field
Z Li, W Shi, P Lu, L Yan, Q Wang, Z Miao
Remote sensing of environment 187, 76-90, 2016
Examination of Sentinel-2A multi-spectral instrument (MSI) reflectance anisotropy and the suitability of a general method to normalize MSI reflectance to nadir BRDF adjusted …
DP Roy, J Li, HK Zhang, L Yan, H Huang, Z Li
Remote Sensing of Environment 199, 25-38, 2017
Improved time series land cover classification by missing-observation-adaptive nonlinear dimensionality reduction
L Yan, DP Roy
Remote Sensing of Environment 158, 478-491, 2015
Robust Landsat-based crop time series modelling
DP Roy, L Yan
Remote Sensing of Environment 238, 110810, 2020
LEGION-based automatic road extraction from satellite imagery
J Yuan, DL Wang, B Wu, L Yan, R Li
IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 49 (11), 4528-4538, 2011
Conterminous United States demonstration and characterization of MODIS-based Landsat ETM+ atmospheric correction
DP Roy, Y Qin, V Kovalskyy, EF Vermote, J Ju, A Egorov, MC Hansen, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 140, 433-449, 2014
Sentinel-2A multi-temporal misregistration characterization and an orbit-based sub-pixel registration methodology
L Yan, DP Roy, Z Li, HK Zhang, H Huang
Remote sensing of environment 215, 495-506, 2018
Best practices for the reprojection and resampling of Sentinel-2 Multi Spectral Instrument Level 1C data
DP Roy, J Li, HK Zhang, L Yan
Remote Sensing Letters 7 (11), 1023-1032, 2016
Large-area gap filling of Landsat reflectance time series by spectral-angle-mapper based spatio-temporal similarity (SAMSTS)
L Yan, DP Roy
Remote Sensing 10 (4), 609, 2018
Spatially and temporally complete Landsat reflectance time series modelling: The fill-and-fit approach
L Yan, DP Roy
Remote Sensing of Environment 241, 111718, 2020
Landsat 4, 5 and 7 (1982 to 2017) Analysis Ready Data (ARD) observation coverage over the conterminous United States and implications for terrestrial monitoring
AV Egorov, DP Roy, HK Zhang, Z Li, L Yan, H Huang
Remote Sensing 11 (4), 447, 2019
Landsat 15-m panchromatic-assisted downscaling (LPAD) of the 30-m reflective wavelength bands to Sentinel-2 20-m resolution
Z Li, HK Zhang, DP Roy, L Yan, H Huang, J Li
Remote Sensing 9 (7), 755, 2017
Spectral-angle-based Laplacian eigenmaps for nonlinear dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral imagery
L Yan, X Niu
Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 80 (9), 849-861, 2014
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