Joris A. M. Bertrand
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Valuing museum specimens: high-throughput DNA sequencing on historical collections of New Guinea crowned pigeons (Goura)
G Besnard, JAM Bertrand, B Delahaie, YXC Bourgeois, E Lhuillier, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 117 (1), 71-82, 2016
Extremely reduced dispersal and gene flow in an island bird
JAM Bertrand, YXC Bourgeois, B Delahaie, T Duval, R García-Jiménez, ...
Heredity 112, 190-196, 2014
Why are there so many bee-orchid species? Adaptive radiation by intraspecific competition for mnemonic pollinators
M Baguette, J Bertrand, VM Stevens, B Schatz
Biological Reviews 95 (6), 1630-1663, 2020
First draft genome of an iconic clownfish species (Amphiprion frenatus)
A Marcionetti, V Rossier, JAM Bertrand, G Litsios, N Salamin
Molecular ecology resources 18 (5), 1092-1101, 2018
The role of selection and historical factors in driving population differentiation along an elevational gradient in an island bird
JAM Bertrand, B Delahaie, YXC Bourgeois, T Duval, R García‐Jiménez, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 29 (4), 824-836, 2016
Candidate gene analysis suggests untapped genetic complexity in melanin-based pigmentation in birds
YXC Bourgeois, JAM Bertrand, B Delahaie, J Cornuault, T Duval, B Milá, ...
Journal of Heredity 107 (4), 327-335, 2016
A novel locus on chromosome 1 underlies the evolution of a melanic plumage polymorphism in a wild songbird
YXC Bourgeois, B Delahaie, M Gautier, E Lhuillier, PJG Malé, ...
Royal Society open science 4 (2), 160805, 2017
Morphological and plumage colour variation in the Réunion grey white-eye (Aves: Zosterops borbonicus): assessing the role of selection
J Cornuault, B Delahaie, JAM Bertrand, YXC Bourgeois, B Milá, P Heeb, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 114 (2), 459-473, 2015
Phylogeography of the sergeants Abudefduf sexfasciatus and A. vaigiensis reveals complex introgression patterns between two widespread and sympatric Indo …
JAM Bertrand, P Borsa, WJ Chen
Molecular Ecology 26 (9), 2527-2542, 2017
Mass production of SNP markers in a nonmodel passerine bird through RAD sequencing and contig mapping to the zebra finch genome
YXC Bourgeois, E Lhuillier, T Cézard, JAM Bertrand, B Delahaie, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 13 (5), 899-907, 2013
Phylogenetic position of the rainbow sardine Dussumieria (Dussumieriidae) and its bearing on the early evolution of the Clupeoidei
S Lavoué, JAM Bertrand, WJ Chen, HC Ho, H Motomura, T Sado, M Miya
Gene 623, 41-47, 2017
Timing and number of colonizations but not diversification rates affect diversity patterns in hemosporidian lineages on a remote oceanic archipelago
J Cornuault, BH Warren, JAM Bertrand, B Milá, C Thébaud, P Heeb
The American Naturalist 182, 820-833, 2013
Molecular systematics of the anchovy genus Encrasicholina in the Northwest Pacific
S Lavoue, JAM Bertrand, HY Wang, WJ Chen, HC Ho, H Motomura, ...
PloS one 12 (7), e0181329, 2017
Differential divergence in autosomes and sex chromosomes is associated with intra‐island diversification at a very small spatial scale in a songbird lineage
YXC Bourgeois, JAM Bertrand, B Delahaie, H Holota, C Thébaud, B Milá
Molecular ecology 29 (6), 1137-1153, 2020
A Novel Female-Specific and Sexual Reproduction-Associated Dmrt Gene Discovered in the Stony Coral, Euphyllia ancora (Cnidaria, Anthozoa)
CJ Chen, S Shikina, WJ Chen, YJ Chung, YL Chiu, JAM Bertrand, YH Lee, ...
Biology of Reproduction, 2016
Investigating the role of the melanocortin-1 receptor gene in an extreme case of microgeographical variation in the pattern of melanin-based plumage pigmentation
YXC Bourgeois, JAM Bertrand, C Thebaud, B Mila
PLoS One 7 (12), e50906, 2012
Narrow hybrid zones in spite of very low population differentiation in neutral markers in an island bird species complex
B Delahaie, J Cornuault, C Masson, JAM Bertrand, YXC Bourgeois, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30 (12), 2132-2145, 2017
Characterization of the complete plastome of Ophrys aveyronensis, a Euro-Mediterranean orchid with an intriguing disjunct geographic distribution
JAM Bertrand, A Gibert, C Llauro, O Panaud
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 4 (2), 3256-3257, 2019
Whole plastid genome-based phylogenomics supports an inner placement of the O. insectifera group rather than a basal position in the rapidly diversifying Ophrys genus (Orchidaceae)
JAM Bertrand, A Gibert, C Llauro, O Panaud
Botany Letters 168 (3), 452-457, 2021
Challenges Inherent in the Systematics and Taxonomy of Genera that have Recently Experienced Explosive Radiation: The Case of Orchids of the Genus Ophrys
J Bertrand, M Baguette, N Joffard, B Schatz
Systematics and the Exploration of Life, 113-134, 2021
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