Roy Cideciyan
Roy Cideciyan
IEEE Fellow - IBM Research Zurich
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
A PRML system for digital magnetic recording
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Coding method and apparatus using quaternary codes
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Combining information from parallel servo channels
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Combining information from parallel servo channels
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Packet data transmission in code-division multiple access communication systems
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On codes satisfying Mth-order running digital sum constraints
E Eleftheriou, RD Cideciyan
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Data management in solid state storage systems
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Maximum transition run codes for generalized partial response channels
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Compressing data using an encoding table
RD Cideciyan
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Maximum transition run encoding and decoding systems
RD Cideciyan, JD Coker, ES Eleftheriou, RL Galbraith, DJ Stanek
US Patent 6,643,814, 2003
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