Dario Rossi
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
A survey of green networking research
AP Bianzino, C Chaudet, D Rossi, JL Rougier
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 14 (1), 3-20, 2010
Revealing skype traffic: when randomness plays with you
D Bonfiglio, M Mellia, M Meo, D Rossi, P Tofanelli
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Caching performance of content centric networks under multi-path routing (and more)
D Rossi, G Rossini
Relatório técnico, Telecom ParisTech 2011, 1-6, 2011
On sizing CCN content stores by exploiting topological information
D Rossi, G Rossini
2012 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM Workshops, 280-285, 2012
Experiences of internet traffic monitoring with tstat
A Finamore, M Mellia, M Meo, MM Munafo, P Di Torino, D Rossi
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Kiss: Stochastic packet inspection classifier for udp traffic
A Finamore, M Mellia, M Meo, D Rossi
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 18 (5), 1505-1515, 2010
Energy-aware routing: a reality check
AP Bianzino, C Chaudet, F Larroca, D Rossi, JL Rougier
2010 IEEE Globecom Workshops, 1422-1427, 2010
Inform: a dynamic interest forwarding mechanism for information centric networking
R Chiocchetti, D Perino, G Carofiglio, D Rossi, G Rossini
Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Information-centric …, 2013
Detailed analysis of skype traffic
D Bonfiglio, M Mellia, M Meo, D Rossi
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 11 (1), 117-127, 2008
Reviewing traffic classification
S Valenti, D Rossi, A Dainotti, A Pescapè, A Finamore, M Mellia
Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: From Measurement, Classification, and …, 2013
LEDBAT: the new BitTorrent congestion control protocol
D Rossi, C Testa, S Valenti, L Muscariello
2010 Proceedings of 19th International Conference on Computer Communications …, 2010
Support vector regression for link load prediction
P Bermolen, D Rossi
Computer Networks 53 (2), 191-201, 2009
ccnsim: An highly scalable ccn simulator
R Chiocchetti, D Rossi, G Rossini
2013 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2309-2314, 2013
Tracking down skype traffic
D Bonfiglio, M Mellia, M Meo, N Ritacca, D Rossi
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Coupling caching and forwarding: Benefits, analysis, and implementation
G Rossini, D Rossi
Proceedings of the 1st ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking, 127-136, 2014
Exploit the known or explore the unknown? Hamlet-like doubts in ICN
R Chiocchetti, D Rossi, G Rossini, G Carofiglio, D Perino
Proceedings of the second edition of the ICN workshop on Information-centric …, 2012
A dive into the caching performance of content centric networking
G Rossini, D Rossi
2012 IEEE 17th International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design …, 2012
Evaluating CCN multi-path interest forwarding strategies
G Rossini, D Rossi
Computer Communications 36 (7), 771-778, 2013
Measuring the quality of experience of web users
E Bocchi, L De Cicco, D Rossi
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 46 (4), 8-13, 2016
Network awareness of P2P live streaming applications: a measurement study
D Ciullo, MA Garcia, A Horvath, E Leonardi, M Mellia, D Rossi, M Telek, ...
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 12 (1), 54-63, 2009
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