Jiang Zeng
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Cytowane przez
Half layer by half layer growth of a blue phosphorene monolayer on a GaN (001) substrate
J Zeng, P Cui, Z Zhang
Physical review letters 118 (4), 046101, 2017
Enhancing the hydrogen activation reactivity of nonprecious metal substrates via confined catalysis underneath graphene
Y Zhou, W Chen, P Cui, J Zeng, Z Lin, E Kaxiras, Z Zhang
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Contrasting structural reconstructions, electronic properties, and magnetic orderings along different edges of zigzag transition metal dichalcogenide nanoribbons
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Tuning the hydrogen activation reactivity on topological insulator heterostructures
L Li, J Zeng, W Qin, P Cui, Z Zhang
Nano Energy 58, 40-46, 2019
Competing gap opening mechanisms of monolayer graphene and graphene nanoribbons on strong topological insulators
Z Lin, W Qin, J Zeng, W Chen, P Cui, JH Cho, Z Qiao, Z Zhang
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Multiorbital model reveals a second-order topological insulator in transition metal dichalcogenides
J Zeng, H Liu, H Jiang, QF Sun, XC Xie
Physical Review B 104 (16), L161108, 2021
Edge states of topological acoustic phonons in graphene zigzag nanoribbons
ZK Ding, YJ Zeng, H Pan, N Luo, J Zeng, LM Tang, KQ Chen
Physical Review B 106 (12), L121401, 2022
Enhanced half-metallicity in orientationally misaligned graphene/hexagonal boron nitride lateral heterojunctions
J Zeng, W Chen, P Cui, DB Zhang, Z Zhang
Physical Review B 94 (23), 235425, 2016
Controllable anisotropic thermoelectric properties in 2D covalent organic radical frameworks
XH Cao, D Wu, J Zeng, NN Luo, WX Zhou, LM Tang, KQ Chen
Applied Physics Letters 119 (26), 2021
Exploring High Transition Temperature Superconductivity in a Freestanding or -Supported CoSb Monolayer
W Ding, J Zeng, W Qin, P Cui, Z Zhang
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Nonrelativistic Spin-Momentum Coupling in Antiferromagnetic Twisted Bilayers
R He, D Wang, N Luo, J Zeng, KQ Chen, LM Tang
Physical Review Letters 130 (4), 046401, 2023
Freestanding cubic ZrN single-crystalline films with two-dimensional superconductivity
Y Guo, J Peng, W Qin, J Zeng, J Zhao, J Wu, W Chu, L Wang, C Wu, Y Xie
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (26), 10183-10187, 2019
Valley-selective Floquet Chern flat bands in twisted multilayer graphene
M Lu, J Zeng, H Liu, JH Gao, XC Xie
Physical Review B 103 (19), 195146, 2021
Ab initio Boltzmann approach to coupled magnon-phonon thermal transport in ferromagnetic crystals
H Pan, ZK Ding, BW Zeng, NN Luo, J Zeng, LM Tang, KQ Chen
Physical Review B 107 (10), 104303, 2023
Strong strain-dependent phonon hydrodynamic window in bilayer graphene
B Zeng, ZK Ding, H Pan, N Luo, J Zeng, LM Tang, KQ Chen
Applied Physics Letters 121 (25), 2022
Predictive design of intrinsic half-metallicity in zigzag tungsten dichalcogenide nanoribbons
P Cui, J Zeng, H Peng, JH Choi, Z Li, C Zeng, CK Shih, JP Perdew, ...
Physical Review B 100 (19), 195304, 2019
A first-principles study of exciton self-trapping and electric polarization in one-dimensional organic lead halide perovskites
X Jiang, Z Xu, Y Zheng, J Zeng, KQ Chen, Y Feng
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (28), 17323-17328, 2022
Realistic flat-band model based on degenerate p-orbitals in two-dimensional ionic materials
J Zeng, M Lu, H Liu, H Jiang, XC Xie
Science Bulletin 66 (8), 765-770, 2021
A Majorana perspective on understanding and identifying axion insulators
Q Yan, H Li, J Zeng, QF Sun, XC Xie
Communications Physics 4 (1), 239, 2021
Nuclear Quantum Effects on the Charge-Density Wave Transition in NbX2 (X = S, Se)
Y Zheng, X Jiang, XX Xue, X Yao, J Zeng, KQ Chen, E Wang, Y Feng
Nano Letters 22 (5), 1858-1865, 2022
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