Barbara Russo
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Release planning of mobile apps based on user reviews
L Villarroel, G Bavota, B Russo, R Oliveto, M Di Penta
2016 IEEE/ACM 38th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE …, 2016
A large-scale empirical study on self-admitted technical debt
G Bavota, B Russo
Proceedings of the 13th international conference on mining software …, 2016
Managing uncertainty in requirements: a survey in documentation-driven and agile companies
A Sillitti, M Ceschi, B Russo, G Succi
11th IEEE international software metrics symposium (METRICS'05), 10 pp.-17, 2005
Adoption of free/libre open source software in public organizations: factors of impact
B Rossi, B Russo, G Succi
Information Technology & People, 2012
Identification of defect-prone classes in telecommunication software systems using design metrics
A Janes, M Scotto, W Pedrycz, B Russo, M Stefanovic, G Succi
Information sciences 176 (24), 3711-3734, 2006
An empirical exploration of the distributions of the chidamber and kemerer object-oriented metrics suite
G Succi, W Pedrycz, S Djokic, P Zuliani, B Russo
Empirical Software Engineering 10 (1), 81-104, 2005
Using cohesion and coupling for software remodularization: Is it enough?
I Candela, G Bavota, B Russo, R Oliveto
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM) 25 (3), 1-28, 2016
Spatial and temporal effects of soil temperature and moisture and the relation to fine root density on root and soil respiration in a mature apple orchard
C Ceccon, P Panzacchi, F Scandellari, L Prandi, M Ventura, B Russo, ...
Plant and Soil 342 (1), 195-206, 2011
On a conjecture of Lange
B Russo, M Bigas
Journal of Algebraic Geometry 8, 483-496, 1999
Knowledge transfer in system modeling and its realization through an optimal allocation of information granularity
W Pedrycz, B Russo, G Succi
Applied Soft Computing 12 (8), 1985-1995, 2012
A model of job satisfaction for collaborative development processes
W Pedrycz, B Russo, G Succi
Journal of Systems and Software 84 (5), 739-752, 2011
Too long; didn't watch! extracting relevant fragments from software development video tutorials
L Ponzanelli, G Bavota, A Mocci, M Di Penta, R Oliveto, M Hasan, ...
Proceedings of the 38th international conference on software engineering …, 2016
Modelling failures occurrences of open source software with reliability growth
B Rossi, B Russo, G Succi
IFIP International Conference on Open Source Systems, 268-280, 2010
Four eyes are better than two: On the impact of code reviews on software quality
G Bavota, B Russo
2015 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution …, 2015
Early estimation of software size in object-oriented environments a case study in a CMM level 3 software firm
M Ronchetti, G Succi, W Pedrycz, B Russo
Information Sciences 176 (5), 475-489, 2006
Adopting open source software: A practical guide
B Fitzgerald, JP Kesan, B Russo, M Shaikh, G Succi
MIT Press, 2011
Listening to the crowd for the release planning of mobile apps
S Scalabrino, G Bavota, B Russo, M Di Penta, R Oliveto
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 45 (1), 68-86, 2019
Query-based configuration of text retrieval solutions for software engineering tasks
L Moreno, G Bavota, S Haiduc, M Di Penta, R Oliveto, B Russo, A Marcus
Proceedings of the 2015 10th Joint Meeting on Foundations of Software …, 2015
The use of empirical methods in open source software research: Facts, trends and future directions
KJ Stol, MA Babar, B Russo, B Fitzgerald
2009 ICSE Workshop on Emerging Trends in Free/Libre/Open Source Software …, 2009
Codetube: extracting relevant fragments from software development video tutorials
L Ponzanelli, G Bavota, A Mocci, M Di Penta, R Oliveto, B Russo, ...
2016 IEEE/ACM 38th International Conference on Software Engineering …, 2016
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