Wojciech Sałabun
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Cytowane przez
Decision making with uncertainty using hesitant fuzzy sets
S Faizi, T Rashid, W Sałabun, S Zafar, J Wątróbski
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems 20 (1), 93-103, 2018
Processing and spectral analysis of the raw EEG signal from the MindWave
W Sałabun
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny, 169-174, 2014
The Characteristic Objects Method: A New Distance‐based Approach to Multicriteria Decision‐making Problems
W Sałabun
Journal of Multi‐Criteria Decision Analysis 22 (1-2), 37-50, 2015
Group decision-making for hesitant fuzzy sets based on characteristic objects method
S Faizi, W Sałabun, T Rashid, J Wątróbski, S Zafar
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Comparative analysis of MCDM methods for the assessment of mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome
W Sałabun, A Piegat
Artificial Intelligence Review, 2016
Reduction in the number of comparisons required to create matrix of expert judgment in the comet method
W Sałabun
Management and Production Engineering Review 5, 2014
Nonlinearity of human multi-criteria in decision-making
A Piegat, W Sałabun
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Application of the Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision-Making Method to Identify Nonlinear Decision Models
W Sałabun
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Identification of a multicriteria decision-making model using the characteristic objects method
A Piegat, W Sałabun
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Comparative analysis of MCDM methods for assessing the severity of chronic liver disease
A Piegat, W Sałabun
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The use of fuzzy logic to evaluate the nonlinearity of human multi-criteria used in decision making
W Sałabun
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The mean error estimation of TOPSIS method using a fuzzy reference models
W Sałabun
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science 7 (3), 40-50, 2013
The characteristic objects method: A new intelligent decision support tool for sustainable manufacturing
J Watróbski, W Sałabun
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Hesitant probabilistic multiplicative preference relations in group decision making
Z Bashir, T Rashid, J Wątróbski, W Sałabun, A Malik
Applied Sciences 8 (3), 398, 2018
Green supplier selection framework based on multi-criteria decision-analysis approach
J Wątróbski, W Sałabun
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Sustainable decision-making using the COMET method: An empirical study of the ammonium nitrate transport management
J Wątróbski, W Sałabun, A Karczmarczyk, W Wolski
2017 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems …, 2017
Using the comet method in the sustainable city transport problem: an empirical study of the electric powered cars
W Sałabun, A Karczmarczyk
Procedia computer science 126, 2248-2260, 2018
Multicriteria approach to sustainable transport evaluation under incomplete knowledge: electric bikes case study
W Sałabun, K Palczewski, J Wątróbski
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Handling data uncertainty in decision making with COMET
W Sałabun, A Karczmarczyk, J Wątróbski, J Jankowski
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The rank reversals paradox in management decisions: The comparison of the ahp and comet methods
W Sałabun, P Ziemba, J Wątróbski
International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies, 181-191, 2016
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