Wojciech Sałabun
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Are MCDA methods benchmarkable? A comparative study of TOPSIS, VIKOR, COPRAS, and PROMETHEE II methods
W Sałabun, J Wątróbski, A Shekhovtsov
Symmetry 12 (9), 1549, 2020
A new coefficient of rankings similarity in decision-making problems
W Sałabun, K Urbaniak
Computational Science–ICCS 2020: 20th International Conference, Amsterdam …, 2020
The fuzzy TOPSIS applications in the last decade
K Palczewski, W Sałabun
Procedia Computer Science 159, 2294-2303, 2019
Decision making with uncertainty using hesitant fuzzy sets
S Faizi, T Rashid, W Sałabun, S Zafar, J Wątróbski
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems 20, 93-103, 2018
The characteristic objects method: A new distance‐based approach to multicriteria decision‐making problems
W Sałabun
Journal of Multi‐Criteria Decision Analysis 22 (1-2), 37-50, 2015
Processing and spectral analysis of the raw EEG signal from the MindWave
W Sałabun
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny, 169-174, 2014
Comparative analysis of MCDM methods for the assessment of mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome
W Sałabun, A Piegat
Artificial Intelligence Review, 2016
A robust q-rung orthopair fuzzy information aggregation using Einstein operations with application to sustainable energy planning decision management
M Riaz, W Sałabun, HM Athar Farid, N Ali, J Wątróbski
Energies 13 (9), 2155, 2020
Group decision-making for hesitant fuzzy sets based on characteristic objects method
S Faizi, W Sałabun, T Rashid, J Wątróbski, S Zafar
Symmetry 9 (8), 136, 2017
A comparative case study of the VIKOR and TOPSIS rankings similarity
A Shekhovtsov, W Sałabun
Procedia Computer Science 176, 3730-3740, 2020
Influence of various normalization methods in PROMETHEE II: an empirical study on the selection of the airport location
K Palczewski, W Sałabun
Procedia computer science 159, 2051-2060, 2019
Sustainable cities and communities assessment using the DARIA-TOPSIS method
J Wątróbski, A Bączkiewicz, E Ziemba, W Sałabun
Sustainable Cities and Society 83, 103926, 2022
Methodical aspects of MCDM based E-commerce recommender system
A Bączkiewicz, B Kizielewicz, A Shekhovtsov, J Wątróbski, W Sałabun
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research 16 (6), 2192 …, 2021
Best-Worst method and Hamacher aggregation operations for intuitionistic 2-tuple linguistic sets
S Faizi, W Sałabun, S Nawaz, A ur Rehman, J Wątróbski
Expert Systems with Applications 181, 115088, 2021
A New Method to Support Decision-Making in an Uncertain Environment Based on Normalized Interval-Valued Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and COMET Technique
S Faizi, W Sałabun, S Ullah, T Rashid, J Więckowski
Symmetry 12 (4), 1-16, 2020
Identification of relevant criteria set in the MCDA process—Wind farm location case study
B Kizielewicz, J Wątróbski, W Sałabun
Energies 13 (24), 6548, 2020
Multicriteria approach to sustainable transport evaluation under incomplete knowledge: Electric bikes case study
W Sałabun, K Palczewski, J Wątróbski
Sustainability 11 (12), 3314, 2019
Using the comet method in the sustainable city transport problem: an empirical study of the electric powered cars
W Sałabun, A Karczmarczyk
Procedia computer science 126, 2248-2260, 2018
RANCOM: A novel approach to identifying criteria relevance based on inaccuracy expert judgments
J Więckowski, B Kizielewicz, A Shekhovtsov, W Sałabun
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 122, 106114, 2023
Similarity analysis of methods for objective determination of weights in multi-criteria decision support systems
B Paradowski, A Shekhovtsov, A Bączkiewicz, B Kizielewicz, W Sałabun
Symmetry 13 (10), 1874, 2021
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