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Molecular beam epitaxy of transition metal (Ti-, V-, and Cr-) tellurides: From monolayer ditellurides to multilayer self-intercalation compounds
K Lasek, PM Coelho, K Zberecki, Y Xin, SK Kolekar, J Li, M Batzill
ACS nano 14 (7), 8473-8484, 2020
Room‐Temperature Ferromagnetism in MoTe2 by Post‐Growth Incorporation of Vanadium Impurities
PM Coelho, HP Komsa, K Lasek, V Kalappattil, J Karthikeyan, MH Phan, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 5 (5), 1900044, 2019
Synthesis and characterization of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides: Recent progress from a vacuum surface science perspective
K Lasek, J Li, S Kolekar, PM Coelho, M Zhang, Z Wang, M Batzill
Surface Science Reports 76 (2), 100523, 2021
Monolayer Modification of VTe2 and Its Charge Density Wave
PM Coelho, K Lasek, K Nguyen Cong, J Li, W Niu, W Liu, II Oleynik, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 10 (17), 4987-4993, 2019
Compositional Phase Change of Early Transition Metal Diselenide (VSe2 and TiSe2) Ultrathin Films by Postgrowth Annealing
M Bonilla, S Kolekar, J Li, Y Xin, PM Coelho, K Lasek, K Zberecki, D Lizzit, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 7 (15), 2000497, 2020
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis as a tool to assess factors influencing magnetic anisotropy type in Co/MgO system with gold interlayer
IN Demchenko, Y Syryanyy, Y Melikhov, L Nittler, L Gladczuk, K Lasek, ...
Scripta Materialia 145, 50-53, 2018
Magnetic anisotropy of Au/Co/Au/MgO heterostructure: Role of the gold at the Co/MgO interface
L Gladczuk, P Aleshkevych, K Lasek, P Przyslupski
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (23), 233909, 2014
Van der Waals epitaxy growth of 2D ferromagnetic Cr(1+δ)Te2 nanolayers with concentration-tunable magnetic anisotropy
K Lasek, PM Coelho, P Gargiani, M Valvidares, K Mohseni, ...
Applied Physics Reviews 9 (1), 011409, 2022
Thermal phase control of two-dimensional Pt-chalcogenide (Se and Te) ultrathin epitaxial films and nanocrystals
J Li, S Kolekar, Y Xin, PM Coelho, K Lasek, FA Nugera, HR Gutierrez, ...
Chemistry of Materials 33 (20), 8018-8027, 2021
Spin-current mediated exchange coupling in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions
L Gladczuk, P Dluzewski, K Lasek, P Aleshkevych, DM Burn, ...
Physical Review B 103 (6), 064416, 2021
Magnetic and magnetotransport properties of epitaxial La0. 7Sr0. 3MnO3/SrIrO3/La0. 7Sr0. 3MnO3 spin valves
P Aleshkevych, K Dybko, P Dluzewski, E Dynowska, L Gladczuk, K Lasek, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51 (38), 385002, 2018
MgO thickness-induced spin reorientation transition in Co0. 9Fe0. 1/MgO/Co0. 9Fe0. 1 structure
K Lasek, L Gladczuk, M Sawicki, P Aleshkevych, P Przyslupski
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 444, 326-331, 2017
Controlling Stoichiometry in Ultrathin van der Waals Films: PtTe2, Pt2Te3, Pt3Te4, and Pt2Te2
K Lasek, M Ghorbani-Asl, V Pathirage, AV Krasheninnikov, M Batzill
ACS nano 16 (6), 9908-9919, 2022
Impact of organic capping layer on the magnetic anisotropy of ultrathin Co films
L Gladczuk, K Lasek, R Puzniak, M Sawicki, P Aleshkevych, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50 (48), 485002, 2017
Formation of In-Plane Semiconductor–Metal Contacts in 2D Platinum Telluride by Converting PtTe2 to Pt2Te2
K Lasek, J Li, M Ghorbani-Asl, S Khatun, O Alanwoko, V Pathirage, ...
Nano Letters 22 (23), 9571-9577, 2022
Mirror twin boundaries in WSe2 induced by vanadium doping
V Pathirage, K Lasek, AV Krasheninnikov, HP Komsa, M Batzill
Materials Today Nano 22, 100314, 2023
A van der Waals Heterostructure with an Electronically Textured Moiré Pattern: PtSe2/PtTe2
J Li, M Ghorbani-Asl, K Lasek, V Pathirage, AV Krasheninnikov, M Batzill
ACS nano, 2023
Controlling Stoichiometry in Ultrathin van der Waals Films
K Lasek, M Ghorbani-Asl, V Pathirage, AV Krasheninnikov, M Batzill
Room-temperature ferromagnetism in 0D/2D hybrid systems
T Alba, N Kapuruge, K Lasek, F Nugera, V Ortiz Jimenez, MH Phan, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2022, A46. 004, 2022
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