Chengang Ji
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Engineering Light at the Nanoscale: Structural Color Filters and Broadband Perfect Absorbers
C Ji, KT Lee, T Xu, J Zhou, HJ Park, LJ Guo
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (20), 1700368, 2017
Ultrathin-metal-film-based transparent electrodes with relative transmittance surpassing 100%
C Ji, D Liu, C Zhang, LJ Guo
Nature Communications 11 (1), 3367, 2020
Enhanced Light Utilization in Semitransparent Organic Photovoltaics Using an Optical Outcoupling Architecture
Y Li #, C Ji #, Y Qu, X Huang, S Hou, CZ Li, LS Liao, LJ Guo, SR Forrest
Advanced Materials 31 (40), 1903173, 2019
Compact Multilayer Film Structures for Ultrabroadband, Omnidirectional, and Efficient Absorption
C Yang #, C Ji #, W Shen, KT Lee, Y Zhang, X Liu, LJ Guo
ACS Photonics 3 (4), 590–596, 2016
High-Performance Doped Silver Films: Overcoming Fundamental Material Limits for Nanophotonic Applications
C Zhang, N Kinsey, L Chen, C Ji, M Xu, M Ferrera, X Pan, VM Shalaev, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (19), 1605177, 2017
Thin‐Metal‐Film‐Based Transparent Conductors: Material Preparation, Optical Design, and Device Applications
C Zhang, C Ji, YB Park, LJ Guo
Advanced Optical Materials 9 (3), 2001298, 2020
Highly Transparent and Broadband Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Based on Ultrathin Doped Ag and Conducting Oxides Hybrid Film Structures
H Wang #, C Ji #, C Zhang, Y Zhang, Z Zhang, Z Lu, J Tan, LJ Guo
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (12), 11782–11791, 2019
Wide-angle, polarization-independent ultrathin broadband visible absorbers
KT Lee #, C Ji #, LJ Guo
Applied Physics Letters 108 (3), 031107, 2016
Transparent Perfect Microwave Absorber Employing Asymmetric Resonance Cavity
H Wang, Y Zhang, C Ji, C Zhang, D Liu, Z Zhang, Z Lu, J Tan, LJ Guo
Advanced Science 6 (19), 1901320, 2019
Enhancing the Purity of Reflective Structural Colors with Ultrathin Bilayer Media as Effective Ideal Absorbers
Z Yang #, C Ji #, D Liu, LJ Guo
Advanced Optical Materials 7 (21), 1900739, 2019
Angular- and polarization-independent structural colors based on 1D photonic crystals
KT Lee, C Ji, D Banerjee, LJ Guo
Laser & Photonics Reviews 9 (3), 354-362, 2015
Automated multi-layer optical design via deep reinforcement learning
H Wang, Z Zheng, C Ji, LJ Guo
Machine Learning: Science and Technology 2 (2), 025013, 2021
Angle robust reflection/transmission plasmonic filters using ultrathin metal patch array
C Yang, W Shen, J Zhou, X Fang, D Zhao, X Zhang, C Ji, B Fang, Y Zhang, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 4 (12), 1981-1986, 2016
Vivid-colored silicon solar panels with high efficiency and non-iridescent appearance
C Ji, Z Zhang, T Masuda, Y Kudo, LJ Guo
Nanoscale Horizons 4 (4), 874-880, 2019
High-performance Large-scale Flexible Optoelectronics using Ultra-thin Silver Films with Tunable Properties
C Zhang, Q Huang, Q Cui, C Ji, Z Zhang, X Chen, T George, S Zhao, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (30), 27216-27225, 2019
Angle-Insensitive and CMOS-Compatible Subwavelength Color Printing
KT Lee, JY Jang, SJ Park, C Ji, SM Yang, LJ Guo, HJ Park
Advanced Optical Materials 4 (11), 1696-1702, 2016
Visualizing Mie resonances in low-index dielectric nanoparticles
J Zhou, A Panday, Y Xu, X Chen, L Chen, C Ji, LJ Guo
Physics Review Letters 120 (25), 253902, 2018
Decorative near-infrared transmission filters featuring high-efficiency and angular-insensitivity employing 1D photonic crystals
C Ji, C Yang, W Shen, KT Lee, Y Zhang, X Liu, LJ Guo
Nano Research 12 (3), 543-548, 2019
Subwavelength nanocavity for flexible structural transmissive color generation with a wide viewing angle
KT Lee, JY Jang, SJ Park, UK Thakur, C Ji, LJ Guo, HJ Park
Optica 3 (12), 1489-1495, 2016
Robust Extraction of Hyperbolic Metamaterial Permittivity Using Total Internal Reflection Ellipsometry
C Zhang, N Hong, C Ji, W Zhu, X Chen, A Agrawal, Z Zhang, TE Tiwald, ...
ACS Photonics 5 (6), 2234-2242, 2018
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