Mirosław Bocian
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The mechanical properties and the microstructural degradation effect in an old low carbon steels after 100-years operating time
G Lesiuk, M Szata, M Bocian
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 15 (4), 786-797, 2015
Analysis of ballistic resistance of composites based on EN AC-44200 aluminum alloy reinforced with Al2O3 particles
A Kurzawa, D Pyka, K Jamroziak, M Bocian, P Kotowski, P Widomski
Composite Structures 201, 834-844, 2018
Ballistic impact resistance of bulletproof vest inserts containing printed titanium structures
P Zochowski, M Bajkowski, R Grygoruk, M Magier, W Burian, D Pyka, ...
Metals 11 (2), 225, 2021
Identification of composite materials at high speed deformation with the use of degenerated model
K Jamroziak, M Bocian
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 28 (2 …, 2008
Experimental and numerical studies on ballistic laminates on the polyethylene and polypropylene matrix
P Mayer, D Pyka, K Jamroziak, J Pach, M Bocian
Journal of Mechanics 35 (2), 187-197, 2019
Energy consumption in mechanical systems using a certain nonlinear degenerate model
K Jamroziak, M Bocian, M Kulisiewicz
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 51 (4), 827-835, 2013
Finite element modeling of ballistic inserts containing aramid fabrics under projectile impact conditions–comparison of methods
P Zochowski, M Bajkowski, R Grygoruk, M Magier, W Burian, D Pyka, ...
Composite structures 294, 115752, 2022
Ballistic head protection in the light of injury criteria in the case of the Wz. 93 combat helmet
K Jamroziak, M Bajkowski, M Bocian, S Polak, M Magier, M Kosobudzki, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (13), 2702, 2019
Numerical and experimental studies of the Łk type shaped charge
D Pyka, A Kurzawa, M Bocian, M Bajkowski, M Magier, J Sliwinski, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (19), 6742, 2020
Tunable Absorption System based on magnetorheological elastomers and Halbach array: Design and testing
M Bocian, J Kaleta, D Lewandowski, M Przybylski
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 435, 46-57, 2017
An identification of nonlinear dissipative properties of constructional materials at dynamical impact loads conditions
M Bocian, K Jamroziak, M Kulisiewicz
Meccanica 49, 1955-1965, 2014
Identification of nonlinear damping using energy balance method with random pulse excitation
M Kulisiewicz, S Piesiak, M Bocian
Journal of Vibration and Control 7 (5), 699-710, 2001
Comparison of numerical simulation techniques of ballistic ceramics under projectile impact conditions
P Zochowski, M Bajkowski, R Grygoruk, M Magier, W Burian, D Pyka, ...
Materials 15 (1), 18, 2021
Friction mechanism features of the nickel-based composite antifriction materials at high temperatures
A Kurzawa, T Roik, O Gavrysh, I Vitsiuk, M Bocian, D Pyka, P Zajac, ...
Coatings 10 (5), 454, 2020
Assessment of the Impact Resistance of a Composite Material with EN AW-7075 Matrix Reinforced with α-Al2O3 Particles Using a 7.62 × 39 mm Projectile
A Kurzawa, D Pyka, K Jamroziak, M Bajkowski, M Bocian, M Magier, ...
Materials 13 (3), 769, 2020
Numerical modeling of the microstructure of ceramic-metallic materials
A Kurzawa, D Pyka, J Pach, K Jamroziak, M Bocian
Procedia engineering 199, 1495-1500, 2017
Analysis of selected dynamic properties of the composite hydraulic microhose
M Lubecki, M Stosiak, M Bocian, K Urbanowicz
Engineering failure analysis 125, 105431, 2021
Experimental and numerical analysis of aramid fiber laminates with DCPD resin matrix subjected to impact tests
M Bocian, J Pach, K Jamroziak, M Kosobudzki, S Polak, D Pyka, ...
MATEC Web of Conferences 112, 04013, 2017
Determination of the Chain‐Like Non‐Linear Multi‐Degree‐of‐Freedom Systems Constant Parameters under Dynamical Complex Loads
M Bocian, K Jamroziak, M Kulisiewicz
PAMM: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 9 (1), 397-398, 2009
Effect of the attachment of the ballistic shields on modelling the piercing process
K Jamroziak, M Bocian, M Kulisiewicz
Mechanics 19 (5), 549-553, 2013
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