Robert Holyst
Robert Holyst
institute of physical chemistry PAS, warsaw, poland
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Comparative analysis of viscosity of complex liquids and cytoplasm of mammalian cells at the nanoscale
T Kalwarczyk, N Ziebacz, A Bielejewska, E Zaboklicka, K Koynov, ...
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R Holyst, A Bielejewska, J Szymański, A Wilk, A Patkowski, J Gapiński, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (40), 9025-9032, 2009
Triply periodic surfaces and multiply continuous structures from the Landau model of microemulsions
WT Góźdź, R Hołyst
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Hydrogen storage in nanoporous carbon materials: myth and facts
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R Hołyst
Physical Review A 44 (6), 3692, 1991
Density-Functional Theory for Nematic and S m e c t i c− A Ordering of Hard Spherocylinders
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Diffusion and viscosity in a crowded environment: from nano-to macroscale
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A Fleming–Viot Particle Representation¶ of the Dirichlet Laplacian
K Burdzy, R Hołyst, P March
Communications in Mathematical Physics 214, 679-703, 2000
Recent advances in bacteriophage-based methods for bacteria detection
Ł Richter, M Janczuk-Richter, J Niedziółka-Jönsson, J Paczesny, R Hołyst
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Crossover regime for the diffusion of nanoparticles in polyethylene glycol solutions: influence of the depletion layer
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Storage of hydrogen at 303 K in graphite slitlike pores from grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation
P Kowalczyk, H Tanaka, R Hołyst, K Kaneko, T Ohmori, J Miyamoto
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Biologistics—Diffusion coefficients for complete proteome of Escherichia coli
T Kalwarczyk, M Tabaka, R Holyst
Bioinformatics 28 (22), 2971-2978, 2012
X-ray determination of the molecular tilt and layer fluctuation profiles of freely suspended liquid-crystal films
DJ Tweet, R Hołyst, BD Swanson, H Stragier, LB Sorensen
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Self‐Assembly at Different Length Scales: Polyphilic Star‐Branched Liquid Crystals and Miktoarm Star Copolymers
G Ungar, C Tschierske, V Abetz, R Holyst, MA Bates, F Liu, M Prehm, ...
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Copolymers as amphiphiles in ternary mixtures: An analysis employing disorder, equimaxima, and Lifshitz lines
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Phase behavior of gradient copolymers
A Aksimentiev, R Hołyst
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Coherent Soft-X-Ray Dynamic Light Scattering from Smectic- Films
AC Price, LB Sorensen, SD Kevan, J Toner, A Poniewierski, R Hołyst
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Meniscus and dislocations in free-standing films of smectic-A liquid crystals
JC Géminard, R Hołyst, P Oswald
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Reports on progress in physics 76 (3), 034601, 2013
Fluctuations in thin smectic-A films
R Hołyst, DJ Tweet, LB Sorensen
Physical review letters 65 (17), 2153, 1990
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