sandra misale
sandra misale
Senior Research Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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Emergence of KRAS mutations and acquired resistance to anti-EGFR therapy in colorectal cancer
S Misale, R Yaeger, S Hobor, E Scala, M Janakiraman, D Liska, E Valtorta, ...
Nature 486 (7404), 532-536, 2012
Resistance to anti-EGFR therapy in colorectal cancer: from heterogeneity to convergent evolution
S Misale, F Di Nicolantonio, A Sartore-Bianchi, S Siena, A Bardelli
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Stromal microenvironment shapes the intratumoral architecture of pancreatic cancer
M Ligorio, S Sil, J Malagon-Lopez, LT Nieman, S Misale, M Di Pilato, ...
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Acquired resistance to the TRK inhibitor entrectinib in colorectal cancer
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Blockade of EGFR and MEK intercepts heterogeneous mechanisms of acquired resistance to anti-EGFR therapies in colorectal cancer
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Emergence of Multiple EGFR Extracellular Mutations during Cetuximab Treatment in Colorectal CancerEGFR Mutations and Resistance to Cetuximab
S Arena, B Bellosillo, G Siravegna, A Martínez, I Cañadas, L Lazzari, ...
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KRAS gene amplification in colorectal cancer and impact on response to EGFR‐targeted therapy
E Valtorta, S Misale, A Sartore‐Bianchi, ID Nagtegaal, F Paraf, ...
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EGFR Blockade Reverts Resistance to KRASG12C Inhibition in Colorectal CancerOvercoming KRASG12C Inhibitor Resistance in Colorectal Cancer
V Amodio, R Yaeger, P Arcella, C Cancelliere, S Lamba, A Lorenzato, ...
Cancer discovery 10 (8), 1129-1139, 2020
KRAS G12C NSCLC Models Are Sensitive to Direct Targeting of KRAS in Combination with PI3K InhibitionPI3K Targeting Overcomes Resistance to KRAS G12C Inhibitors
S Misale, JP Fatherree, E Cortez, C Li, S Bilton, D Timonina, DT Myers, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 25 (2), 796-807, 2019
Resistance to TRK inhibition mediated by convergent MAPK pathway activation
E Cocco, AM Schram, A Kulick, S Misale, HH Won, R Yaeger, P Razavi, ...
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Targeting the CBM complex causes Treg cells to prime tumours for immune checkpoint therapy
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HER2-Mediated Internalization of Cytotoxic Agents in ERBB2 Amplified or Mutant Lung CancersAntitumoral Activity of Anti-HER2 ADCs in Lung Cancer
BT Li, F Michelini, S Misale, E Cocco, L Baldino, Y Cai, S Shifman, HY Tu, ...
Cancer discovery 10 (5), 674-687, 2020
Vertical suppression of the EGFR pathway prevents onset of resistance in colorectal cancers
S Misale, I Bozic, J Tong, A Peraza-Penton, A Lallo, F Baldi, KH Lin, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8305, 2015
TGFα and Amphiregulin Paracrine Network Promotes Resistance to EGFR Blockade in Colorectal Cancer CellsEGFR Paracrine Network Promotes Resistance to EGFR Blockade
S Hobor, BO Van Emburgh, E Crowley, S Misale, F Di Nicolantonio, ...
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Science translational medicine 8 (324), 324ra14-324ra14, 2016
Expanding the Reach of Precision Oncology by Drugging All KRAS MutantsDrugging All KRAS Mutants
MH Hofmann, D Gerlach, S Misale, M Petronczki, N Kraut
Cancer Discovery, OF1-OF14, 2022
STAT3 can serve as a hit in the process of malignant transformation of primary cells
M Demaria, S Misale, C Giorgi, V Miano, A Camporeale, J Campisi, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 19 (8), 1390-1397, 2012
Anatomic position determines oncogenic specificity in melanoma
JM Weiss, MV Hunter, NM Cruz, A Baggiolini, M Tagore, Y Ma, S Misale, ...
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Restoring PUMA induction overcomes KRAS-mediated resistance to anti-EGFR antibodies in colorectal cancer
K Knickelbein, J Tong, D Chen, YJ Wang, S Misale, A Bardelli, J Yu, ...
Oncogene 37 (33), 4599-4610, 2018
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