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Tomasz Liwosz
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Central European intraplate velocities from CEGRN campaigns
M Becker, E Cristea, M Figurski, L Gerhatova, G Grenerczy, J Hefty, ...
EGS General Assembly Conference Abstracts 27, 2002
Studies of crustal deformation due to hydrological loading on GPS height estimates
M Rajner, T Liwosz
Geodesy and Cartography 60 (2), 135-144, 2011
Analysis of seasonal position variation for selected GNSS sites in Poland using loading modelling and GRACE data
M Rajner, T Liwosz
Geodesy and Geodynamics 8 (4), 253-259, 2017
Geodetic and geodynamic studies at Department of Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy WUT
A Brzeziński, M Barlik, E Andrasik, W Izdebski, M Kruczyk, T Liwosz, ...
Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics 100 (1), 165-200, 2016
Tropospheric delay from EPN reprocessing by WUT LAC as valuable data source-in comparison to operational EPN products and aerological data
M Kruczyk, T Liwosz
Reports on Geodesy, 2012
On accuracy of IPWV determined from GPS networks
M Kruczyk, J Rogowski, T Liwosz
Reports on Geodesy, 139-142, 2001
Assessment of continental hydrosphere loading using GNSS measurements
M Zygmunt, M Rajner, T Liwosz
Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics 101 (1), 36-53, 2016
Integrated precipitable water vapour measurements at Polish Polar Station Hornsund from GPS observations verified by aerological techniques
M Kruczyk, T Liwosz
Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics 98 (1), 1-17, 2015
WUT LAC Report
T Liwosz, M Kruczyk, J Rogowski
7th EUREF LAC EUREF Analysis Workshop, Warsaw, 2010
Study on geophysical influences to the GPS coordinates
J Bogusz, M Figurski, M Kruczyk, T Liwosz, M Pfeil, JB Rogowski
EUREF Symposium in Tromso, Norway 22, 24, 2000
IGS tropospheric products-quality verification and assessment of usefulness in climatology
M Kruczyk, T Liwosz
International GNSS Service (IGS) Workshop, 2012
Activities of Józefosław Astro-Geodetic Observatory in the last five decades
JB Rogowski, M Barlik, T Litwosz, M Kruczyk, L Kujawa, M Rajner, ...
Reports on Geodesy, 31-52, 2010
Long-Term Densification of Terrestrial Reference Frame in Central Europe as the Result of Central Europe Regional Geodynamic Project 1994-2006
J Hefty, L Gerhatova, M Becker, R Drescher, G Stangl, S Krauss, ...
Geodetic Reference Frames, 149-154, 2009
Analysis of CEGRN 2005 as the eighth of CERGOP observing campaigns
J Hefty, L Gerhatova, G Stangl, C Haslinger, S Krauss, M Becker, ...
Reports on Geodesy, 39-46, 2006
CEGRN 2003 solution and its relation to CEGRN 1994-2001 campaign results
J Hefty, G Stangl, E Cristea, R Kratochvíl, T Liwosz
Reports on Geodesy, 33-40, 2005
Some remarks on GPS tropospheric delay products and their usefulness
M Kruczyk, T Liwosz, JB Rogowski
Report on the Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF …, 2004
Integrated precipitable water from GPS observations and CIMEL sunphotometer measurements at CGO Belsk
M Kruczyk, T Liwosz, A Pietruczuk
Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics 103 (1), 46-65, 2017
Possible advantages of equipping the GNSS satellites with on-board accelerometers
M Kalarus, A Wielgosz, T Liwosz, K Sosnica, J Zielinski
Proceedings of the IAG commission 4, 4-7, 2016
Report of the WUT Analysis Centre
T Liwosz
EUREF Local Analysis Centres Workshop, 2015
The EUREF Poland 2015 Campaign
M Ryczywolski, T Liwosz
Presentation. Leipzig, Germany, 2015
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