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Cytowane przez
Corrosion behaviour of different tempers of AA7075 aluminium alloy
F Andreatta, H Terryn, JHW De Wit
Electrochimica acta 49 (17-18), 2851-2862, 2004
Formation of a cerium-based conversion coating on AA2024: relationship with the microstructure
P Campestrini, H Terryn, A Hovestad, JHW De Wit
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Dual-action smart coatings with a self-healing superhydrophobic surface and anti-corrosion properties
H Qian, D Xu, C Du, D Zhang, X Li, L Huang, L Deng, Y Tu, JMC Mol, ...
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Effect of bath concentration and curing time on the structure of non-functional thin organosilane layers on aluminium
A Franquet, C Le Pen, H Terryn, J Vereecken
Electrochimica Acta 48 (9), 1245-1255, 2003
Electrochemical characterisation of aluminium AA7075-T6 and solution heat treated AA7075 using a micro-capillary cell
F Andreatta, MM Lohrengel, H Terryn, JHW De Wit
Electrochimica Acta 48 (20-22), 3239-3247, 2003
Effect of solution heat treatment on galvanic coupling between intermetallics and matrix in AA7075-T6
F Andreatta, H Terryn, JHW De Wit
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Determination of the thickness of thin silane films on aluminium surfaces by means of spectroscopic ellipsometry
A Franquet, J De Laet, T Schram, H Terryn, V Subramanian, WJ Van Ooij, ...
Thin Solid Films 384 (1), 37-45, 2001
Comparison of the morphology and corrosion performance of Cr (VI)-and Cr (III)-based conversion coatings on zinc
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Colour properties of barrier anodic oxide films on aluminium and titanium studied with total reflectance and spectroscopic ellipsometry
S Van Gils, P Mast, E Stijns, H Terryn
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Correlation between hydroxyl fraction and O/Al atomic ratio as determined from XPS spectra of aluminium oxide layers
J Van den Brand, WG Sloof, H Terryn, JHW De Wit
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2004
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LE Fratila-Apachitei, H Terryn, P Skeldon, GE Thompson, J Duszczyk, ...
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Investigation of the barrier properties of silanes on cold rolled steel
T Van Schaftinghen, C Le Pen, H Terryn, F Hörzenberger
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A transmission electron microscopy study of hard anodic oxide layers on AlSi (Cu) alloys
LE Fratila-Apachitei, FD Tichelaar, GE Thompson, H Terryn, P Skeldon, ...
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A Franquet, H Terryn, J Vereecken
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Silane coating of metal substrates: Complementary use of electrochemical, optical and thermal analysis for the evaluation of film properties
I De Graeve, J Vereecken, A Franquet, T Van Schaftinghen, H Terryn
Progress in Organic Coatings 59 (3), 224-229, 2007
A generalized electrochemical aggregative growth mechanism
J Ustarroz, JA Hammons, T Altantzis, A Hubin, S Bals, H Terryn
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (31), 11550-11561, 2013
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