Li Dong (董立)
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Enhanced functional connectivity and increased gray matter volume of insula related to action video game playing
D Gong, H He, D Liu, W Ma, L Dong, C Luo, D Yao
Scientific reports 5 (1), 9763, 2015
MATLAB toolboxes for reference electrode standardization technique (REST) of scalp EEG
L Dong, F Li, Q Liu, X Wen, Y Lai, P Xu, D Yao
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Functional integration between salience and central executive networks: a role for action video game experience
D Gong, H He, W Ma, D Liu, M Huang, L Dong, J Gong, J Li, C Luo, D Yao
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Which reference should we use for EEG and ERP practice?
D Yao, Y Qin, S Hu, L Dong, ML Bringas Vega, PA Valdés Sosa
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Long-term effects of musical training and functional plasticity in salience system
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Functional disconnection between the visual cortex and the sensorimotor cortex suggests a potential mechanism for self-disorder in schizophrenia
X Chen, M Duan, Q Xie, Y Lai, L Dong, W Cao, D Yao, C Luo
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Resting-state functional connectivity in anterior cingulate cortex in normal aging
W Cao, C Luo, B Zhu, D Zhang, L Dong, J Gong, D Gong, H He, S Tu, ...
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C Luo, T Yang, S Tu, J Deng, D Liu, Q Li, L Dong, I Goldberg, Q Gong, ...
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Neuroscience information toolbox: An open source toolbox for EEG–fMRI multimodal fusion analysis
L Dong, C Luo, X Liu, S Jiang, F Li, H Feng, J Li, D Gong, D Yao
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 12, 56, 2018
Complex discharge‐affecting networks in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: A simultaneous EEG‐fMRI study
L Dong, C Luo, Y Zhu, C Hou, S Jiang, P Wang, BB Biswal, D Yao
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S Jiang, C Luo, Z Liu, C Hou, P Wang, L Dong, C Zhong, Y Lai, Y Xia, ...
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Probabilistic diffusion tractography reveals improvement of structural network in musicians
J Li, C Luo, Y Peng, Q Xie, J Gong, L Dong, Y Lai, H Li, D Yao
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Altered structural and functional connectivity of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: an fMRI study
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An efficient frequency recognition method based on likelihood ratio test for SSVEP-based BCI
Y Zhang, L Dong, R Zhang, D Yao, Y Zhang, P Xu
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine 2014, 2014
Simultaneous EEG-fMRI: trial level spatio-temporal fusion for hierarchically reliable information discovery
L Dong, D Gong, PA Valdes-Sosa, Y Xia, C Luo, P Xu, D Yao
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Altered hippocampo-cerebello-cortical circuit in schizophrenia by a spatiotemporal consistency and causal connectivity analysis
X Chen, Y Jiang, L Chen, H He, L Dong, C Hou, M Duan, M Yang, D Yao, ...
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Action video game experience related to altered large-scale white matter networks
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Altered basal ganglia-cortical functional connections in frontal lobe epilepsy: a resting-state fMRI study
L Dong, P Wang, R Peng, S Jiang, B Klugah-Brown, C Luo, D Yao
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Characterizing nonlinear relationships in functional imaging data using eigenspace maximal information canonical correlation analysis (emiCCA)
L Dong, Y Zhang, R Zhang, X Zhang, D Gong, PA Valdes-Sosa, P Xu, ...
NeuroImage 109, 388-401, 2015
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