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Cytowane przez
Biological activity of quaternary ammonium salts and their derivatives
D Kwaśniewska, YL Chen, D Wieczorek
Pathogens 9 (6), 459, 2020
Effect of sodium chloride on the surface and wetting properties of aqueous solutions of cocamidopropyl betaine
K Staszak, D Wieczorek, K Michocka
Journal of surfactants and detergents 18, 321-328, 2015
Extraction and separation of palladium (II), platinum (IV), gold (III) and rhodium (III) using piperidine-based extractants
A Cieszynska, D Wieczorek
Hydrometallurgy 175, 359-366, 2018
Evaluation of the acute oral toxicity class of trinuclear chromium (III) glycinate complex in rat
H Staniek, Z Krejpcio, K Iwanik, H Szymusiak, D Wieczorek
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Evaluation of insulin binding and signaling activity of newly synthesized chromium (III) complexes in vitro
P Mackowiak, Z Krejpcio, M Sassek, P Kaczmarek, I Hertig, ...
Molecular medicine reports 3 (2), 347-353, 2010
Synthesis and interfacial activity of novel heterogemini sulfobetaines in aqueous solution
D Kwaśniewska, K Staszak, D Wieczorek, R Zieliński
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Surface and antimicrobial activity of sulfobetaines
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Synthesis, surface and antimicrobial activity of piperidine-based sulfobetaines
D Wieczorek, A Dobrowolski, K Staszak, D Kwaśniewska, P Dubyk
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Facile Synthesis of Sulfobetaine-Stabilized Cu2O Nanoparticles and Their Biomedical Potential
MJ Wozniak-Budych, Ł Przysiecka, BM Maciejewska, D Wieczorek, ...
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 3 (12), 3183-3194, 2017
Application of new synthesized zwitterionic surfactants as hair shampoo components
M Zieba, D Wieczorek, E Klimaszewska, A Malysa, D Kwasniewska
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 40 (8), 1189-1196, 2019
Synthesis and interfacial activity of novel sulfobetaines in aqueous solutions
K Staszak, D Wieczorek, R Zielinski
Tenside Surfactants Detergents 50 (1), 45-51, 2013
Antibacterial activity of selected surfactants
D Wieczorek, D Gwiazdowska, K Michocka, D Kwaśniewska, ...
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Specific wear on the rake face made of sintered carbide cutting edge during milling of laminated wood
B Porankiewicz, K Jóźwiak, D Wieczorek, I Idzikowski
European journal of wood and wood products 73, 35-41, 2015
The effects of high dietary doses of chromium (III) complex with propionic acid on nutritional and selected blood indices in healthy female rats
H Staniek, Z Krejpcio, D Wieczorek
Biological trace element research 171, 192-200, 2016
Gemini quaternary ammonium compound PMT12-BF4 inhibits Candida albicans via regulating iron homeostasis
LH Hsu, D Kwaśniewska, SC Wang, TL Shen, D Wieczorek, YL Chen
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 2911, 2020
The FTIR and SAXS studies of influence of a morpholine derivatives on the DMPC-based biological membrane systems
M Kozak, K Szpotkowski, A Kozak, R Zieliński, D Wieczorek, MJ Gajda, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 78 (10), S129-S133, 2009
Comprehensive study of stability of copper oxide nanoparticles in complex biological media
MJ Woźniak-Budych, B Maciejewska, Ł Przysiecka, D Wieczorek, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 319, 114086, 2020
Efficiency and Mechanism of Palladium(II) Extraction from Chloride Media with N-Hexadecylpiperidinium Chloride
A Cieszynska, D Wieczorek
Journal of Solution Chemistry 49, 486-503, 2020
Tricentric complexes of chromium (III) with glycine and serine ligands
A Wieloch, D Wieczorek, H Staniek, H Szymusiak, Z Krejpcio, R Zieliński
Current Trends in Commodity Science II 1080, 1086, 2007
Effect of new surfactants on biological properties of liquid soaps
E Klimaszewska, D Wieczorek, S Lewicki, M Stelmasiak, M Ogorzałek, ...
Molecules 27 (17), 5425, 2022
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