Cláudio Rebelo de Sá
Cláudio Rebelo de Sá
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Cytowane przez
Entropy-based discretization methods for ranking data
CR De Sá, C Soares, A Knobbe
Information Sciences 329, 921-936, 2016
Mining association rules for label ranking
CR Sá, C Soares, AM Jorge, P Azevedo, J Costa
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Label ranking forests
CR Sá, C Soares, A Knobbe, P Cortez
Expert Systems 34 (1), 2017
Exceptional preferences mining
C Rebelo de Sá, W Duivesteijn, C Soares, A Knobbe
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An ensemble of autonomous auto-encoders for human activity recognition
KD Garcia, CR de Sá, M Poel, T Carvalho, J Mendes-Moreira, ...
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Multi-interval discretization of continuous attributes for label ranking
CR Sá, C Soares, A Knobbe, P Azevedo, AM Jorge
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Combining boosted trees with metafeature engineering for predictive maintenance
V Cerqueira, F Pinto, C Sá, C Soares
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Variance-based feature importance in neural networks
International Conference on Discovery Science, 306-315, 2019
Discovering a taste for the unusual: exceptional models for preference mining
CR de Sá, W Duivesteijn, P Azevedo, AM Jorge, C Soares, A Knobbe
Machine Learning 107 (11), 1775-1807, 2018
Building robust models for Human Activity Recognition from raw accelerometers data using Gated Recurrent Units and Long Short Term Memory Neural Networks
CRS Jeremiah Okai, Stylianos Paraschiakos, Marian Beekman, Arno Knobbe
41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2019
Preference rules for label ranking: Mining patterns in multi-target relations
CR de Sá, P Azevedo, C Soares, AM Jorge, A Knobbe
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Distance-based decision tree algorithms for label ranking
C Rebelo de Sá, C Rebelo, C Soares, A Knobbe
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Mining exceptional social behaviour
CC Jorge, M Atzmueller, BM Heravi, JL Gibson, CR Sá, RJF Rossetti
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KnowBots: discovering relevant patterns in chatbot dialogues
A Rivolli, C Amaral, L Guardão, CR Sá, C Soares
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Building robust prediction models for defective sensor data using artificial neural networks
CR Sá, AK Shekar, H Ferreira, C Soares
International Workshop on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and …, 2019
“Want to come play with me?” Outlier subgroup discovery on spatio‐temporal interactions
C Centeio Jorge, M Atzmueller, BM Heravi, JL Gibson, RJF Rossetti, ...
Expert Systems, 2021
Preference rules
CR de Sá, C Soares, AM Jorge, PJ Azevedo, A Knobbe
submitted to Information Fusion Journal, 2017
RNNs on Monitoring Physical Activity Energy Expenditure in Older People
S Paraschiakos, CR de Sá, J Okai, EP Slagboom, M Beekman, A Knobbe
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.01169, 2020
Ensemble clustering for novelty detection in data streams
KD Garcia, ER Faria, CR Sá, J Mendes-Moreira, CC Aggarwal, ...
International Conference on Discovery Science, 460-470, 2019
Permutation tests for label ranking
CR de Sá, C Soares, A Knobbe
Proceedings of the 27th Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC …, 2015
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