Céline Paeye
Céline Paeye
Vision Action Cognition
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Modification of saccadic gain by reinforcement
L Madelain, C Paeye, J Wallman
Journal of neurophysiology 106 (1), 219-232, 2011
Transsaccadic perceptual fusion
C Paeye, T Collins, P Cavanagh
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Reinforcing saccadic amplitude variability
C Paeye, L Madelain
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Visual reinforcement shapes eye movements in visual search
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Operant control of human eye movements
L Madelain, C Paeye, JC Darcheville
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Reinforcing saccadic amplitude variability in a visual search task
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L Madelain, C Paeye, J Wallman
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Saccadic adaptation shapes perceived size: Common codes for action and perception
A Pressigout, C Paeye, K Doré-Mazars
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Resistance of a short-term memory concealed information test with famous faces to countermeasures
H Delmas, C Ciocan, M Novopashyna, C Paeye
Memory & Cognition, 1-16, 2023
Shaping induces long-term enhancements in pursuit-like-smooth movements under image-stabilization condition
C Paeye, JC Darcheville, L Madelain
European Conference on Visual Perception, 2007
Empirical validation of QUEST+ in PSE and JND estimations in visual discrimination tasks
A Paire, AH de Boisferon, C Paeye
Behavior Research Methods, https://doi.org/10.3758/s13428-022-, 2022
Do you Know this Celebrity? Eye Tracking in a Concealed Information Test with Famous Faces
C Ciocan, M Novopashyna, H Delmas, C Paeye
22nd Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP 2022), 2022
The influence of (eye) movements on pitch perception seems to be explained by spatial representations: a psychophysical approach.
A Paire, IS Koksoy, K Matondo, D Vergilino-Perez, C Paeye
GDR Vision, 2024
Impact of Osteopathy on Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements in Healthy Adults
A Paire, R Wogue, L Demoury, C Cornille, I Pillevesse, E Holt, A Launay, ...
GDR Vision, 2023
Empirical validation of Quest+ in PSE and JND estimations in visual discrimination tasks
C Paeye, A Paire, AH de Boisferon
Vision Sciences Society (VSS) Annual meeting, 2022
Action-Perception Relationship: Peripheral Objects' Magnification Occurs Before the Saccadic Compression Timeframe
J Laaboudi, AHH de Boisferon, C Paeye
22nd conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP) 2022, 2022
Saccadic" Adaptation" at Late Target Reappearance
AH De Boisferon, C Paeye
GDR Vision, 2021
Quest+: Reliability of PSE estimation, but sensitivity overestimation
A Paire, AH de Boisferon, J Laaboudi, C Paeye
GDR Vision, 2021
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