Jessica K Lerch
Jessica K Lerch
Inne imiona/nazwiskaJessica K Lerch-Haner
former Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University, Department of Neuroscience
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Krüppel-like Factor 7 engineered for transcriptional activation promotes axon regeneration in the adult corticospinal tract
MG Blackmore, Z Wang, JK Lerch, D Motti, YP Zhang, CB Shields, JK Lee, ...
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KM Madalena, JK Lerch
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Rationally engineered Troponin C modulates in vivo cardiac function and performance in health and disease
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cJun promotes CNS axon growth
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TT Quach, JK Lerch, J Honnorat, R Khanna, AM Duchemin
World Journal of Psychiatry 6 (1), 18, 2016
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